Love Out Of Lust Series

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 06/21/2016: Something Very Wanton

Happy Tuesday, everyone. 

Yesterday was the first day of summer, but today is the full first day summer with a 
very scorching piece.

Brace yourself and enjoy!

Holly stood before Ethan, naked and vulnerable before him. Ethan wore a wanton look of lust when he studied her wonderful curves and features. He examined everything about her, from her perky breast down to her clean shaven mound, where her clit was exposed for him to see.

She placed her hands over his head and gently pulled him close. Ethan opened his mouth and began sucking and teasing her clit. He mixed the wetness of his saliva with the wetness from her pussy. He tasted her nectar, while she grinded her pussy against his face. He heard Holly’s moans increase, and if only he could avert his eyes up to see the satisfying expression on his face, but that would take him away from what he was doing.

He continued assaulting her hot little button, where in the back of his mind his cock ached for the moment to be inside her. He could imagine the intensity of fitting himself inside her, which was the ultimate reward for satisfying her.

She gasped and arched her back. Ethan held her by her ass and continued to torment, until the room was filled with sound of her climax. It was loud but definitely mind-blowing.

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