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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Random Snippets - 06/22/2016: A Very Hot Quickie

It's been a while since I've done them, but I want to arouse you with a short piece in 732 words.


She was the woman Jamel laid his eyes on – Andi – a beautiful goddess with a curvy body. Her dark hair draped over her shoulder, covering her right eye partially, while she gave him a determined look; a signal for him to take her body. Jamel wanted to savor her, worship her, appreciate her body as if it was the last time he would ever have a moment with her. The way she leaned over the black and white checkered dresser, left him craving for her more and more.

He pulled down his black boxers, which was the only thing he wore before stepping over to her and claim her body. His hands were all over her chubby bits, squeezing her large breast with his darkened hand. He looked down and then looked back into her eyes; Andi returned an inviting look at him, which he knew what she wanted next. Her tits felt amazing, Jamel leaned down to suck her breast. He feasted on her body like she was a fresh fruit fallen from the tree. Andi lolled her head back, while he slurped, nipped and tugged at her nipples, causing his dick to ache with the need.

He moved his kisses down, trailing them over to her navel, where he left circle licks around, leaving the warmth of his breath to tantalize her more. When his lowered himself down to her pussy, Andi gasped for him, immediately parting her legs open for him to enter his tongue.

Jamel swirled his tongue over her clit, tasting the wonderful nectar that bared inside her folds. Fuck, he wanted her. He wanted to fuck her, nice and deep, claim her body once and for all.

He continued to tease until her breath was ragged, and when she couldn’t take the torment any longer Andi bellowed into an orgasm that had her bucking her hips against his face. Fuck, that felt really good for him to hear her orgasm. He had her right where he wanted her; into a submission where he could take full control of her.

He stood up and motioned her to sit on top of the dress, where he positioned himself closer. His cock rested over her clean shaven mound, rubbing himself over her anxious waiting clit. He looked at her expression; she indicated how much she wanted it. Jamel pushed the tip of his cock inside her, and Andi let out soft, deepening moan. She curled her legs around his ass, and Jamel sunk himself further inside of her.

The two met each other’s thrusts. Jamel held her leg as he pummeled her with his cock. It wasn’t long before he picked up his pace, causing the checkered dresser to rock and resonate against the wall from their brutal fucking. He slammed into her, while Andi placed her hand over her nub. The view was completely hot; something he enjoyed her every time they fucked.

He groped at one of her tits, then slid his hand down to her stomach, squirming his fingers into her thick flesh. Jamel slammed into her hard and deep, causing her pants and moans to increase. His hands moved over to her thighs and held on to her as he pounded her, causing the slapping sound of their bodies to fill the room. Jamel rolled his head back, savoring the intensity, but even more enjoying the sound of Andi as she fingered herself to another climax.

Her climax filled the room once again, this time much louder than the first. Jamel continued fucking her while he watched her ride out her second orgasm. Then Andi screamed something to him that he wanted her say.

“Cum for me!”

Jamel happily obliged at her request. He pulled himself out of her jerked himself vigorously, until a spew of cum shot across her belly. Jamel let out a guttural howl of pleasure, showering her body with his cum. When he was spent, Jamel bowed his head down and watched Andi wipe his cum all over her delicious body. It was a wonderful moment of pleasure between these two. Jamel leaned over to give her a kiss.

"It's too bad we have to return to work, but I've had the best lunch hour with you," Jamel whispered.

"Me too," Andi purred, placing her hand over his face, "but we do have the room for the entire night, after work."

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