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Friday, June 10, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 06/10/2016: Caught Spying

Happy Friday. 

It's been some weeks since I've posted on here, 
but today I have something to share -- a flash in 100 words.


Ernesto wandered through the tropical woods throughout the morning, when he overheard unusual noises coming from behind the bushes. He overheard some sounds of giggling, but maybe he thought there were those women teasing him last night, after their boyfriends played cruel practical jokes on him.

He looked through the bushes and noticed two naked women, Jenna and Amanda, embracing by the waterfall, as beads of water ran down their bodies. It was by far an intimate scene right before him, Ernesto kept silent in the bushes, watching them play until he sense someone behind him – someone he didn’t want around.

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  1. Excellent flash. Would love to know who the someone behind him is though

  2. Wow! I hope its not one of the others returning and catching him. Great flash!!

  3. Oh my, who's behind him, I wonder? Great flash :-)