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Friday, May 13, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/13/2016: Mind Playing Tricks On Her

Happy Friday.

It's time for a flash in 100 words, and I thought about bringing a little twist for you.


It was definitely worth the weekend trip for Hannah, as she escaped into the beautiful beach scene before the Memorial weekend, with a man she had been seeing behind her husband’s back, Ignacio.

They left New York and escaped to the sandy shores of Maryland, where no one, not even her husband would follow them down there, or so she thought.

When they arrived at the beach home, Hannah thought she had seen her husband walking on the beach behind their beach home. She got a closer look, she noticed a man you resembled her husband, only thing he was younger than her.

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  1. Surprise? I'm guessing a relative? Son maybe? You'll have to write something to answer all the questions!

  2. Very intriguing flash Ray. Would love to find out all the answers

  3. Oh I need more to this! Awesome flash!!