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Friday, May 6, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/06/2016: On Vacation

Happy Friday. 

Sorry that I'm posting pretty late for my flash, but I want to present to you by piece for the week.


Fawn was looking forward to her vacation, making sure she would enjoy it to the fullest. She had no intentions of taking any calls, especially from her job, being that she is a project manager.

She needed this vacation very badly. She was lying on her stomach getting the best massage ever from a very good-looking masseuse. The man was so good, she could’ve fallen asleep and snore, which would’ve been pretty embarrassing.

Perhaps she thought too soon. Her phone buzzed on the table next to her. So much for her vacation; she should’ve put it on silent so she won’t hear it ring.

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  1. I wonder who dare interrupt her vacation. Great flash, Ray

  2. I hope she and her masseuse will make her vacation better and hopefully the call isn't too important. Awesome flash :)