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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How Did I End Up Writing Erotica and Why Do I Write Erotica? - 700th Post

How did I end up writing erotica and why do I write erotica? To know the answer, you will have to go back to the year 2009.

It was January, and I was excited that a new year dawned a new beginning, but I didn’t expect to be fired, unjustly. But when I was fired, I grew bitter that I worked for a company trying hard to show love for my job, yet it conflicted with my personality. In addition, I was beginning to discover more of myself. I am rebellious, not because I want to be against the establishment. I realized I can’t conform to someone else’s ways. I was never an ass-kisser and I’m not the type to take that shit, but I knew that I didn’t fit in with the job. I spent the entire year, working two jobs to make ends meet and at that time I wanted to find a better way than to just be a pee-on, or whatever these assholes perceived me.

In the late spring of 2009, I came up with the idea of AfterDark Online. At that time, I wanted to come up with a site to sell adult products, porn videos, lingerie, toys and other stuff, but I didn’t have the capital to come across with something to start with. However, I did come across with another idea a year later, but that idea didn’t happen until I discovered writing.

When I was laid off from one of my jobs in early 2010, I had a lot of time on my hands and I needed to find something that defined me. I was growing miserable. It was one of the darkest periods in my life, because I was depressed of where my life was and I wanted to find something that was me. I was on the phone with my father, and he mentioned to me that I used to write often and I should pick it back up. I laughed it off at that time, telling him it was a phase, and I’ve been away from writing for so long that I didn’t think I would ever get back. However, things began to change when I visited a site that involved erotic stories.

I cam across a site called Lush Stories. There were a number of stories, ranging from m/f to taboo erotica, like incest and all sorts of kinks. I came across several that were really good. I was open-minded about what I wrote, but then there came two stories I read that inspired; one written by a female that regarded to having anonymous sex, and the other was by a man who really upset me and gave me a reason to pick up a keyboard and write.

The woman who wrote the anonymous sex story was the best of all. It was quick and hot. The man who wrote his story was a taboo story, but he was using derogatory comments in there that made male writers look bad. I said to myself, what the fuck is up with these misogynistic bastards when they write a sex story. There were male authors who want to play the alpha male, the dominant, but don’t know the first thing of appealing to female readers. I commented to him that his story sucked, because I wasn’t feeling it. He later messaged me (of course, he was ticked), and told me to come up with a better story.

It was then I decided on a my first story. I wrote my very first threesome story in 2010. I was rusty – very rusty. I knew the difference between a noun and pronoun and adverbs, but I felt like I had to take an eighth grade course again on sentence structure. I lost touch with it for thirteen years and never thought how important it was, but I was determined.
I wrote my first story, which was rough around the edges. It was a threesome story involving two women and a man for his birthday. I didn’t think I had the visual to write, but I did it. The story was completed on my 34th birthday, and I was inspired to write more of it. My passion for writing erotic began and everything else was history.

In October 2010, I founded AfterDark Online, officially. The site was officially launched to be a story submission site. I hung around Twitter in order to get correspondence, and it did pay off. I was pleased of the results. My first published story, was Lonely Hearts, a story about two lonely people that discover they were neighbors. By 2011, I had stories submitted to AfterDark Online.

The year 2011 was really the year that jumpstarted my writing career. All I wanted to do was write. I didn’t know where I was going, but the feeling was there. It was then I was introduced to my first writing group and then got involved with other authors and poets. My true discovery was by an author, Dawne Prochilo. I purchased one of her books called Room 11. This story was then a mark of something that made me want to write in a style like hers; tell the story, bring the romance and add the sex into it. I also wanted to be very descriptive, because I’ve read from other authors that they weren’t putting any real sex into it.

When I learned from authors they were publishing their book, I too wanted to come across one. My first published book didn’t happen until September 16, 2011, when I published Their First Night Together. It was my very first indie-published book about two friends that were denied the moment of spending their first night together. Although the story itself was very rough around the edges; I had no one to help me edit, not many took me seriously until the day I published it. Then I was discovered by other authors who helped me with advice. I also remembered Author Don Abdul when he was an indie author, long before he signed up with a publisher. We first spoke briefly in 2011. I even picked up a book by him A Hero’s Due. Great story. I’m glad I’m not the only male author that wanted to appeal to women, but he and I have two different styles.

From 2012 - present, I kept writing erotica. I knew this was who I was. I thought for a moment I was strange and weird. I didn’t want to feel ashamed of who I was, an erotic author, but I was also careful who I mentioned it to. My father didn’t seemed bothered by it. He told me ‘sex sells’, and if I could sell a book that’s good. Just don’t give up was what he told me. My longtime girlfriend, or wife to say was fine with it. She was very helpful with what I wrote. Although, she isn’t into reading it; it’s not her forte and I can understand, but she was the most supportive.

Now there were a few controversies I came across with; some from over-opinionated readers and then just haters. I came across one criticism about not using realism in my stories and characters not using condoms during sex scenes. At first, I though I should in order to explain the realism effect, but by 2015, I realized that there were too many authors who were trying to appease to these asshole-minded people. I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a nicer way to put it. These are people who get so deeply into the character, and if the character doesn’t make them feel related, or if the character doesn’t use protection in a fictional story they rag down on an author. I learned that those aren’t my fans, and I’d rather lose those assholes than to lose a true fan of my work.

When I write erotica, I want people to escape into a world of fantasy. I want to add drama into it, which I’m good at writing, but sex is the motivation for all my stories. I want to arouse my readers. Everyone has a sexual fantasy; not many will disclose man, but I want people to escape from the realism and go into a world of sexual fantasies. It doesn’t have to be a novel; a short story is enough to arouse them. It’s how you write it.

My goal as an author to be a best-seller and a successful indie author, but my main goal is to write you something to give you the ability to escape and arouse you. I learned that I’ll get criticized for not being very realistic enough or I write too much sex. That is my intention. I don’t want to aim for realism; only fiction – the key word there, and yes I want my stories to have a heavy number of sex scenes in them. I’m into threesomes, well in my stories, but I love writing erotica and if it wasn’t from erotica, I don’t think I’d be a happy about myself. I knew I had a perverted mind, but to write it for people who love to read it, I’m thankful.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Latest Update About What's Going On W/ My Writing Life

Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about what’s going on, and I meant to post my update about what’s going with my writing over the weekend.

As you know, I finished my manuscript Allison In Wonderland, and it was a wonderful, but long novel I’ve written in the story. Usually I enjoy writing stories that are up to 30k words, but I realize that’s never possible. I, however, am glad that I’ve written this story, but by April I was beginning to feel burned out by it because I was too focused on finishing the story. I wanted to take a nice break around May and possibly June, but I don’t think I would, because I can’t go on without writing erotica, which is what drives me to finish other projects.

Over the last week, I went over my WIP, The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez: Promiscuity & Success, and while I felt this was a potential story I needed to go more in depth about my character Meriesa Lopez. Now, I don’t like getting into character mode, because I worry about making my stories boring, but I want to give good details to what led Meriesa Lopez to choose a promiscuous lifestyle, before meeting a long time friend like Adela Giovanni.

I want to give it a darker feel to the story, in a way provide a touch of dark elements like BDSM, role play, gangbangs with anonymous people. I want to write something that is truly fictional, with the hopes of playing into my readers’ fantasies.

I want to create a series – the kind of series that I want my readers to get lost into. There’s going to be some no-holds bar to what I enjoy writing, but I want to keep the drama very interesting in the story. It’s another element I really enjoy writing erotica – the drama. This was project I first started in 2012, but didn’t follow through until 2015, and now after taking time off the project to rethink it over. I think I’m able to create the real beginning in the story.

On the other note, I’m working on a compilation of erotic stories that involve multiple partners, which will be exclusive for the Facebook group that has brought out the exposure of me – HOT BBR (Thank you all).  It’s a compilation of ménage stories that I want to work on, and upon completion, I’m looking to hand it out as a token of appreciation of you all. I really appreciate the love.

Well, that is all for now. I now I’ve been long due to give you all the update of what’s going on. Stay tuned for more.

Love, Ray Sostre 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/13/2016: Mind Playing Tricks On Her

Happy Friday.

It's time for a flash in 100 words, and I thought about bringing a little twist for you.


It was definitely worth the weekend trip for Hannah, as she escaped into the beautiful beach scene before the Memorial weekend, with a man she had been seeing behind her husband’s back, Ignacio.

They left New York and escaped to the sandy shores of Maryland, where no one, not even her husband would follow them down there, or so she thought.

When they arrived at the beach home, Hannah thought she had seen her husband walking on the beach behind their beach home. She got a closer look, she noticed a man you resembled her husband, only thing he was younger than her.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Random Short Snippets - 05/12/2016: Aaron's Morning Surprise

Here is another short story in 1829 words.

It's an m/f story, about Aaron's wife brings home a woman for him to enjoy for the day, while she's at work, but what he learns later will tantalize his fantasies more.


Aaron hopped out of his bed naked and walked down the hallway. His dick was completely hard and ready, remembering what his wife said about a surprise will be waiting for him when  he woke up. He was so anxious to see what she left for him, when he entered the living room he was intrigued with what he saw sitting on his chair – a dark-skinned beauty seated backwards on the chair, with her pussy and ass showing in front of him.

Aaron was thrilled with what his wife left for him – someone to play with while she was away at work. He was so thrilled that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her. She was a beautiful dark beauty with dark hair that curled around her face. She looked back at him with a grin. Aaron loved the way she fluttered her soft brown eyes that brightened with a smile, along with an expressive beauty that almost excited him. Now, all he needed was her name.

He introduced himself, when he placed his hand over her ass. “Hi, I’m Aaron, and who do I have the pleasure to be with for the day.”

The woman smiled when she responded, “Bethany.”

Bethany.” Aaron was intrigued. “I really love your name.”

“Thank you.” Bethany grinned.

He scanned all around her, admiring the way her body fitted in a black top that revealed her breasts, and the matching black stockings that hugged around her thighs. Bethany wasn’t only just beautiful, but impressive with a look of lust that made him want to desire her more.

He moved around her and placed his hands over her ass cheeks, working his way up to the side of her back, until his fingers reached her breasts. He cupped them with his hand, savoring the coolness from her skin and the readiness from her peaks. The feeling of her arousal helped his arousal more, and Aaron couldn’t help rubbing his cock against her back.

He growled softly in her ear when he complimented, “You are very beautiful, dear.”

Aaron couldn’t wait any longer. He slipped his hand down her back and over her ass. His fingers found its ways to her folds. The need to feel inside of her burned his mind, and without taking a second thought he slipped his fingers inside her folds.

Bethany was wet; very wet. He moved his fingers back and forth until he pulled them out to get a good taste of her. He inserted his fingers in her mouth and tasted her flavor. He was intrigued of her essence; he wanted more of her.

He got down on his knees and placed both hands on her ass. He spread her cheeks apart, so he could inch his face closer to get another taste of her. He inserted his tongue between her fold to get another taste of her, savoring her essence in his mouth.

Bethany, in the background, moaned loudly. She placed her hand over her ass cheeks, so that way Aaron would continue to lap on her folds. Aaron teased and nibbled on them, until his tongue found its way to her nub. He circled his tongue enough to get her aroused. Aaron was determined to make her feel good. She was gyrating herself on the chair.

All the while when he was nibbled between her folds, he dick ached with the need to be inside her. He loved the way she moaned out of pleasure, his hand circled around his own hardness where he stroking himself in his hand.

He rubbed himself, caressing the tip of his shaft, as it ached in his hand. He continued to feast on her until he couldn’t take the torment any longer; he needed to be inside of her. He stood up and held himself against Bethany’s folds, before giving one deep push inside her.

Bethany let out a long gasp. Aaron rocked himself back and forth, as he cupped her breasts with one hand and pulled her head over to his to kiss her. The two shared a long lustful kiss, as their tongues danced together with a longing need. When they broke away, Aaron began to whisper dirty words into her ear.

“I like having you here. I’m going fuck you all morning, starting with that one hole you have open for me.”

“Oh yes,” she whispered back, in her most huskiest voice, “keep fucking me!”

His hands were all over the side of her curves. Aaron continued to pump her while her moans filled the living room. He wasn’t concerned about the neighbors hearing them having a good time; they were enjoying themselves.

He growled softly in her ear. “Fuck, you’re making me crazy. I just want to fuck you, cum, and then fuck you some more until I cum again, again, and again!”

Aaron slammed himself repeatedly, which caused her ass to smack against him. He was pounding her, until he slowed himself down, where the two moved together in sync. He pulled himself out of her and motioned her to down on the floor, on her knees, while he held himself in his hand.

“Here, taste yourself!” He held it before her face.

Bethany obliged at his request. She began licking around the base of his shaft, until she held a soft grip of him and took him in her mouth.

Aaron, in return let out a grunt, where he savored her lips over his cock. She slowly worked his length in her mouth, but she wasn’t able to take him entirely since he was pretty big. However, she worked his tip well enough to where her saliva coated his cock well. She pulled him out of her mouth and began stroking it, while she looked naughtily into his eyes.

Then he said, “You like my cock, don’t you?’

“Yes,” she rasped seductively. “I love how big your cock is. It’s so nice and big, I want it back inside my pussy.”

He motioned her over to the couch and said, “Bend over on the sofa and let me fuck you there.”

She crawled herself over to the sofa and leaned herself over, where she shown him her pussy and ass. He slowly guided himself inside of her, where he fucked her nice and slow. Bethany responded with pants and moans.

He held his hand on her as he fucked her. Bethany uttered some dirty words to get more hot and bother. The dirtier she spoke the harder were his thrusts. The dirty words Bethany expressed caused Aaron to look down on her ass, as it wobbled beautifully from his pelvic thrusts. Her shapely ass was now a temptation he couldn’t resist. He gave her ass a smack, which intensify which caused her moans to grow. Bethany didn’t protest what he’d done. In fact, she indicated she like it more.

He smacked her ass again. Despite the darkness on her skin, Aaron had noticed a small redness emerging over her ass cheek. He smacked one side and then the other side. Aaron didn’t want to get carried away, but he loved how her ass sounded when he smacked it, adding to the hard pounding he was giving her.

All this excitement made him grab each side of her waist and slam into her hard and deep. The living room was now filled with her noise of pleasure, and Aaron wasn’t planning to stop. He fucked her with pure determination, unconcerned if sweat dripping down his body. He loved the way Bethany felt, and she too was enjoying him as well. Her hand was under herself as she worked herself up to pleasure.

Then he stopped and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom and finish you off.”

Bethany purred, “I’d love that right now.”

He directed her down the hall. “Lead the way.”

Bethany obliged, as she led him down the hall to the bedroom at the end of the hall. Now he and his wife have a rule about having sex with strangers in the bedroom, but being somewhere cushiony and comfortable was too much to resist, and the bed brought a better balance to fuck on.
She sauntered in the bedroom and climbed on the bed, while Aaron held himself in his hand. Bethany turned around and lied on his back, while she fingered herself. Aaron climbed on the bed, holding himself in his hand, with the offering for her to suck on it while he fondled her breasts.

He watched as she took in her mouth and played with herself. Aaron loved the view of her, as she kept herself busy pleasing him and her. His hand trailed over her body until he reached her mound. She was pleasing him, surely he wouldn’t mind please her. His fingers skillfully worked over the nub, but he couldn’t keep his hand over there long enough; his dick ached to be inside of her.

The two switched positions. Bethany remained lying on her back, but Aaron was now before her, holding up her legs, where his cock rested over her pussy. He pushed himself inside her and began bucking in and out of her.

He let one leg fall down, giving her room to touch herself. Her hands moved over her nub, while Aaron gave nice, deep strokes, filling her with his length. He picked up his speed. Aaron watched delightfully as her tits bounced from his lustrous movements.

He rocked her hard and fast. Bethany circled her fingers around her nub, until writhed herself, screaming out a powerful orgasm that ripped through her body. Her sound of pleasure filled the room, which suddenly heightened his need to cum. He pulled himself out of her and began jerking himself, until a jet of cum shot across her stomach and breasts.

Aaron let out a howl of pleasure, watching his cum cover over her darkened body. It was a beautiful sight to savor, as Bethany rubbed his cum all over her body. When he was spent, he moved over to her to lick the remaining of his cum off his cock.

Bethany, without hesitation, swirled her tongue around his shaft until she licked the cum off his cock. He moved his cock away from her and rested next to her to catch his breath. His morning began with the most intense sex, and they had all day to be together until his wife returned home. From there, who knew what plans did she have for Bethany, whether she was staying for the night or leaving. So far, he liked having her over.

“You know the morning is just beginning, and there’s more for us to do before my wife shows up.”

“I know. She wants me to stay for dinner and spend the night. It looks like we’ll be sleeping in the same bed together.”

He grinned wickedly, thinking to himself how he can’t wait to have a threesome moment between Bethany and his wife.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 05/10/2016: Showering Fantasies

Happy Tuesday.

It's been a while, but I'm back and ready to give you a little tease in 200 words.


Charles stood in the bathroom and watched Gemma shower. She was a look of pure beauty. He watched her as she washed the soap off her raven dark hair. The way the soap ran down her pale skin. If there was anything more he liked from watching her it was her beautiful curves. The thought of putting his hands over her body had him growing so hard. He could imagine himself being with her right now, kissing her, exploring her body to make sure he wouldn’t miss an inch.

Charles slid his hand down to his boxers and held on to himself. He rubbed his cock, as it ached in his hand. He was aroused by watching her shower. She was there, in front of him, tormenting him with her beautiful nakedness.

When Gemma turned herself around, she washed off the rest of the suds and opened her eyes to look at Charles. She returned a sexy grin. Most of all, Gemma began running her hands all over her body until she reached her center and began rubbing herself. She was truly a sight for Charles, and it wasn’t a moment longer when she held out her arm, extending out her finger to signal him over.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/06/2016: On Vacation

Happy Friday. 

Sorry that I'm posting pretty late for my flash, but I want to present to you by piece for the week.


Fawn was looking forward to her vacation, making sure she would enjoy it to the fullest. She had no intentions of taking any calls, especially from her job, being that she is a project manager.

She needed this vacation very badly. She was lying on her stomach getting the best massage ever from a very good-looking masseuse. The man was so good, she could’ve fallen asleep and snore, which would’ve been pretty embarrassing.

Perhaps she thought too soon. Her phone buzzed on the table next to her. So much for her vacation; she should’ve put it on silent so she won’t hear it ring.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Short Update - It's May 2016, and My Has The Year Gone By Fast

It’s the first day of May, and damn, 2016 had gone by really quickly.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’m doing some final touches of Allison In Wonderland, before I send it over to my editor. I’m anticipating the release sometime in the late summer or early fall. The story is a little over 70,000 words, and after spending four months in writing the actual manuscript.

Once I’m officially done with the manuscript, I will take a break and work a few short stories to post on my blog. Although, I’ve been looking through several of my muses and I want to start writing them soon. Lately, I’ve been wanting to write tons of ménage stories, since I want to entertain my followers with a number of steamy hot stories.

On top, I’m considering opening up my fan email in the future, but I haven’t official decided what will be the email.

That’s all I have going on.

Enjoy your evening.

Ray Sostre.