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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Update on WIP - Allison In Wonderland: Stuck On An Orgy Scene

Hi. It’s another Tuesday, as I’m working on a way to complete the Allison In Wonderland story. So far, my story has reached a total of 47k words, and I’m trying to find a way to complete this orgy scene, in which I’m equally excited but also anxious to complete, since I’ve been on it since Sunday night.

This orgy scene in the story is going to be difficult for me, because I’m tying Allison and Steve into the scene, where they have sex with multiple characters in the story. The White Queen had organized a mingling party, where Allison would get to hear all the thoughts and desires from everyone at the party, including one from Steve.

The truth is, Allison has feelings for Steve, but the problem she can’t get over is they are step-siblings. This orgy scene in the story should help bring these two closer than ever, and yes Allison will confess her feelings for Steve. But I hate to disappoint you all, these two won’t make it further than first base in this scene, but the two will be active in many sex roles other than themselves.

In addition to the story, I wrote segment of the Red Queen and Lord Knave in an intense love scene, which will soon transform them into the succubus and incubus. I felt I had to write this segment, because I want to move the story forward, where Allison will face off with these two. She will return to the Red Queen’s castle to rescue Jessica (the white hare), and in order to do so she will have to be captured by them.

That’s all I have to write in on the update. Stay tuned for more, as I try to finish this orgy scene in the White Queen’s castle. ;-)

 Ray Sostre

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