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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Update on My WIP - Allison In Wonderland - 04/16/2016: The Battle for Wonderland Begins (700th Post)

Happy Saturday. Here is what is going on with my WIP, Allison In Wonderland. This is also my 700th post.

Okay, today I managed to complete the longest chapter in the story which was close to thirty pages; something I don’t like to do, because I want to be able to break up parts in the story, but to be truthful. I wanted this chapter to have, first of all, lot of sex in the story, and then a background, as well as some form of romance between Allison and Steve. Yes, Allison finally confesses to Steve about her feeling for him. It’s been long overdue, and she explains to him why she kept pushing him aside.

But I must ask, what if you received a premonition from a kiss by someone you truly love, what would you do to save that person, even if it meant risking your life? I’m sort of putting in this piece of the story in the chapter. Only thing, the premonition is coming from Allison, and Steve is going to do what it takes to save her, even if it meant risking his own life.

This chapter is now going to be the battle between good and evil; the White Queen versus the Red Queen, and I want to show in this chapter how the wicked can be defeated, but no man’s an island, and Allison will learn that soon. Steve is going to play a role, where Allison is able to defeat the Red Queen, and to be honest, it’s been difficult to write this scene. Here’s why:

When I created Steve Robbins, I was basing it on a co-worker I enjoy working with, Steve Robinson, whom I’m friends on Facebook, but I didn’t want to portray Steve as a damsel in distress. First of all, he’s not, but he’s a character that was caught in a bind when he fell into Wonderland with Allison, and his purpose is to basically stall the Red Queen, being that he was the only one to survive the Red Queen and piss Lord Knave off. And once again, he’s going to be the key person to help defeat the Red Queen and save Wonderland once and for all.

I wanted this story to be purely fictional. While I’m sure some realism buffs are going ot bitch at me that some pieces in the story are not going to be real, but my intention is not supposed to be real, but fiction. Keep in mind, I’m an erotic fiction writer, and my inspirations came from a number of people – Pablo Michaels, who inspired me after creating his wonderful Jack and the Beanstalk, and a great fan, Sara Davis, who kept posting these wonderful pics of Alice in Wonderland.

As far as the word count concern, I honestly didn’t want to create a novel, but I realized that after writing a number of scenes I couldn’t avoid making it a novel. The story had to not only be told, but shown for my faithful readers. And I want to thank Sara Davis for keeping me honest; her constructive criticism help me developed a better story, after beta-reading it for me. I had to make some changes, because I needed some good direction, and I care about it.

Well, anyways, I’m going to call it a night. It’s 3AM, Pacific Time, and I just got home from work. Now all I want to do is just chill.

Thank you for stopping by, and I can’t wait to share my next update.

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