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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Update on my WIP - Allison In Wonderland - 04/13/2016

Hey everyone. Happy Wednesday. It’s been a bit since I came to you with an update, and I want to be as active as possible about, but I had a little trouble getting my thoughts, as I tried to find an appropriate way to end the orgy scene in the story. So far, the story is over 54k, and I just started a new chapter, where I’m trying to figure a new direction to the story, while I have other sparks and muses to start a new one.

Here is what I have going on in the story: For two weeks, I was working on the White Queen’s castle scene, where Allison learns a little history between the Red Queen and White Queen, and how this war ever began. I also create one of the hardest, yet erotic scenes n the story – lots of ménages that will look forward to reading over and over again, but these ménage scenes pertain to Allison. Now, I could’ve had her have sex with all the characters, but there was too much to develop in the story, where I didn’t want to stray. I want the sex scene to bring out something in Allison; something that will be useful against the Red Queen in saving not just Wonderland, but someone she truly loves – her step-brother Steve.

You see, Allison is a woman, whom for many years had denied her feelings for her step-brother, over a vulnerable moment when they were teenagers. She wanted to deny it, because he is her step-brother, and she couldn’t see herself falling in love, but during the dinner party and orgy party at the White Queen’s castle, there was one person who helped brought out her jealousy in the story – the sorceress Kara. And for all those years that she tormented Steve’s feelings, Allison will now get a dose of her own medicine.

Allison is confronted by Kara, but the news Allison receives wasn’t what she thought it was between Kara and Steve. It was the exact opposite. Allison and Kara talk it out briefly, but her best option is to talk it out to Steve and clear the air open to tell her how she really felt about him, despite all the sibling rivalry.

Meanwhile, back at the Red Queen’s Castle, I am developing a story about Lord Knave and the Red Queen, who are now in their new bodily form. The two died after having sex with each other, causing a sudden death and a new bodily transformation where they could take on the White Queen. Where I am now, is a split decision between letting the characters wage the war with the White Queen, or shall I go ahead and have Allison make a pre-emptive approach to the Red Queen’s castle.

That is all I have for now. I will fill you all in my next segment. Stay tuned. 

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