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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Update On My WIP - Allison In Wonderland: The Making of Absalom - 04/07/2016

After month of debating whether or not I should include Absalom in the story, has finally been answered when I wrote the orgy scene to the parody. It’s been decided that I wanted to include him, but not make a caterpillar, rather a human being with psychic abilities.

The way I depicted Absalom is a man that is a silver fox; definitely an old man with long white hair, but with young facial features, and a body of young man that is capable and anything. He has blue tattoo markings on his body, and is the key adviser to the White Queen.

Now the character I’m creating in the story will have this condescending nature, where he somewhat demeans Allison for being a ‘stupid girl’, but he doesn’t speak in rhymes, nor will he have three arms, but his psychic abilities come from his sexual activities. I will have to say that his penis is the tell-tale of someone’s future, whether if it’s bad or good. I’m sure no one would ever want to know the bad side of their future if the sex is good, but hey, this is fiction and the focus on the story is really on Allison.

The future he tells her will not be about the prophecies with Lord Knave and the Red Queen, but someone else in mind – her step-brother, Steve. Steve has found a new attraction, Kara, and she had taken some interest in him, but with Allison not listening to her true feelings for Steve will show what will happen to her in the years to come. Absalom could also read her past; the moment when she and Steve first kissed to the future.

Allison will receive these visions by having sex with Absalom, but she is assuaged by the White Queen, telling her that there is hope and it’s not too late reverse the fate of her ill-decision.

The story is close to 50k words, and I have a feeling I won’t end the story at a desired word count, wondering how am I going to end the story. LOL. I’m having absolute fun with it, but when I’m done, I’m definitely going to take a little break while I send it off to my editor.

That’s all I have for now. Tune in for my next update.

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