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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 04/14/2016: A Taste of Allison In Wonderland (WIP Rough Draft)

Happy Thursday. I normally don't enjoy participating in a group when I have a rough draft manuscript to present, but it's not the first time either, because I have posted some rough draft manuscripts in the story.

I'm posting a piece of Allison In Wonderland, my most anticipated novel, and I'm still working on the story for completion.

The story is about the fate of Wonderland is in the hands of Allison, and something apocalyptic is going to occur unless Allison puts the stop to the evil Red Queen and Lord Knave themselves.

By the way, this story was inspired by a fan Sara Davis (thank you), and Author Pablo Michaels, who created a wonderful adult-fictional version of a children story. I felt it was about time I put my own twist to my favorite children story.

Here is a piece in 388 words.


She kissed the young man at the side of his face and whispered something erotic with her soft husky voice, “I want you to cum for me. Let me feel your true pleasure inside me; show me how well you really enjoyed me.”
Sir Rook’s pants increased. The Red Queen raised herself and rocked her hips with speed, hoping to milk him entirely. If she doesn’t drain him in time, she will reach her climax. She could feel a sensation rising in her body.
Then with stroke of luck, she felt his body trembling. Her tied victim let out a guttural sounds of pleasure when he came inside. She could feel him shooting inside her, and now it was time to drain him from his life. She continued rocking her hips until his body convulsed violently. She pinned him down with her hands, but her young prisoner continued to buck, nearly taking her off balance. It wasn’t until Lord Knave intervened and pressed his hands on his chest, keeping him down on the mattress.
Sir Rook screamed. It was definitely a horrific scream. The Red Queen could feel his life draining out of him and filling her body with his energy. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, savoring the wonderful feeling of someone’s life force entering her body. It was almost as good as having an orgasm. And when she finished draining him, her tied victim had lied still lifeless.
“Whew, that was close, my love.”
Lord Knave stood up and shook his head. “It’s a good thing I was here.”
“I know. He was so strong, he nearly knocked me off him and I wouldn’t be able to kill him.”
Then Red Queen removed the blindfold from the Sir Rook’s lifeless body. All what they saw were the glossiness of his eyes; his skin was discolored from the sudden death. “Sir Rook, now no more.”
“Yes, it’s too bad. But mind if I ask, did you enjoy it?” She gave Lord Knave an impish grin.
Lord Knave smiled wickedly. “Only enough to see his life drained away, once and for all. You know we could’ve just beheaded him.”
“I know, but I could feel his strength inside of me. He was so strong and youthful I could feel his energy flowing in my body.”

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  1. Excellent taster Ray. A great snippet from a book I have to read

  2. I've missed your tasters Ray! Hot!