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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Random Short Snippets - 04/28/2016: Josephine's Sunset Vacation

It's been a while since I've written a Random Short Snippets, and I'm going to try to do it more often, while I'm taking breaks in between from working on my next book. 

I'm so glad that I'm back into the swing of writing, where I miss writing short erotic snippets for your entertainment. 

Here is a very erotic piece in 1048 words - a short erotic story about Josephine enjoying a sunset vacation with her friend, Dale.


Josephine couldn’t have been any happier. She was out of the hustle and bustle of New York City, and into the relaxed life of paradise. She was lounging on a white leather chaise lounge chair, at a wonderful resort in the Fiji Islands, catching a tan until the sun began to set. The sky was reddish and orange, but Josephine didn’t care; she wasn’t ready to return.

She was naked, taking a nice long stretch from the warm, gentle tropical breeze that hit her body, leaving her with full serenity unlike ever before. However, Josephine didn’t vacation alone. She brought along a friend she had known for a long time – Dale. The two were mutual friends, along with some benefits.

Josephine continued to stretch, until she sat up and turned to her side to a tall tanned-skinned man with short dark hair step up. He was hard and ready for her. Josephine let out a grin when she looked into his soft warm eyes. Within an instant, she kissed him, which soon morphed into something lustful, as her mouth explored his, taking in the pheromones of his kiss.

She held on to his awaiting shaft and gave him a nice soft stroke, before breaking away enveloping her lips over his tip. The arousing feeling of that grew inside her cause her to place her hand under herself and caress her throbbing clit briefly.

She moved her hand away and palmed his shaft with both of her hands. Josephine licked and teased him with soft sensuous licks, while looking up into his eyes. She gently sucked the head of his cock, until she worked his length in her mouth. Josephine could hear him groan under his breath. She slowly took him out of her mouth and licked the undersides of his shaft. She moved her tongue up and down, while she felt his hand caress through her darkened hair; definitely a clear indication that he was enjoying it. The sounds of his arousal was so compelling, she couldn’t help to finger herself with her free hand.

Her delicate fingers found its way to her clit, where she slowly worked herself up to pleasure. Josephine moved her body back and forth, while she continued to satisfy Dale with her sucking. Then Dale took his cock out of her mouth and got on the chaise lounge, motioning Josephine to switch positions, to where he was lying on the chaise lounge and Josephine straddled over his face.

She gently lowered herself, where Dale targeted her clit with his tongue. Immediately, Josephine felt the small waves of pleasure hit her body. She caressed her hand over his head, while body writhed slowly from the delicious sensation.

She fluttered her eyes. Josephine’s pants increased the more he licked and nibbled at her center. The warm sensation was beginning to take over, and all what she could do was grind her pussy over his face, at the same time caress herself. He taking her to heights she hadn’t experienced in a while. She looked down on his face, holding his face with one hand, until she broke away and the two switch positions where she was lying on her side and Dale was laid next to her, guiding himself inside her slick folds.

She looked down at his cock, as Dale positioned it against her slit and push himself inside her. Josephine let out soft gasp, savoring the feeling of him stretching inside her. The feeling of his cock pushing further inside left her with a crave to touch herself again. Her fingers were circling over her wanton center, while she felt her legs held over his. His cock pushed in and out, leaving Josephine fulfilled with pure need.

Josephine watched as his cock continue to move in and out of her pussy, until he increased his speed. His pumps moved deeper inside her, but he held a steady pace, while Josephine cupped his balls with her hand, encouraging him to go deeper inside her.

Her leg was lifted higher, while she felt the Dale’s wet kisses on her neck and back. The tingling sensations caused her to cup her breasts together, while she looked down at his cock moving in and out of her pussy. Josephine was moaning, letting out soft feminine sounds of pleasure as she moved along with his thrusts. The two developed a rhythm together, like they were reading each other’s bodies. When he pulled out of her, the two switched positions where Dale motioned her to turn herself around.

She happily obliged at his request, leaning herself over the ledge of the chaise lounge, showing her pussy and ass for him to see. Dale moved himself closer to her, and Josephine reached behind herself to hold his shaft, guiding him back inside her.

In one full move, Dale was all the way deep inside her. The feeling of his cock inside her was magnificent enough to make her rock back and forth against his hips. She moved slowly and sensuously, while his hand was over her ass. Moments later, he was moving along with her rhythm.

Josephine rocked back and forth slowly, until she stopped. She felt a throbbing sensation along her core, which had her hand sliding under herself once more to reach her orgasm. She rubbed her fingertips slowly, waiting to build up the wonderful pleasure inside her. Dale remained inside her, but her sensuous moans couldn’t keep him from moving in and out of her. It was a slow, delicious feeling for both of them.

She continued to rock her body back and forth. She felt Dale’s grip on the side of her ass, as she felt herself being pulled back and forth. His cock was growing hard – really hard. Josephine hand circled over her nub, until her orgasm ripped through her body. Her orgasm was so intense, she felt Dale push his cock inside her with a increase groan and then a sudden deep throb inside her pussy. She bowed her head down with pleasure, while she felt him filling her walls with his thick hot cum.

The sex was so intense, Dale leaned himself over to kiss her neck and back. She turned her head and kissed him, savoring a wonderful start of their Fiji vacation.


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