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Friday, April 29, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 04/29/2016: NYLON

Happy Friday.

This Friday, I'm going to post a short snippet in 100 words,
which has inspired me to write an erotic romance novel based on two familiar, yet opposite cities with intriguing culture; New York and London.

While the two share a similarity, they're different, except about love.

The story is about a New Yorker falling in love with a Londonite, and after two weeks of romance, she returns to London and the New Yorker will have go there to search for her.

It's something that's been burning my mind. 

Anyways, here is my flash for this Friday.


Markus was relieved to be in London. He’ll search for the woman who left his heart alone in New York – Gretchen. If she was leaving, he was going to search for her. His purpose in this large city of over seven million is to search for the one and only, but he was in an unfamiliar territory, and hit was a good thing he brought along his friend Smitty, who’ll help him find his way around London, but Markus didn’t have a clue where he’ll be staying for the night. He made a bold move to come to London, in search for her.

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  1. Great flash Ray I hope he finds her

  2. Lovely flash. I hope he finds her :-)

  3. Awesome flash! I hope he finds her and finds what his heart desires while in the city :)