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Friday, April 15, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 04/15/2016: The Betrayal

Happy Friday.

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday. 

This segment was going to be a little tougher, because I had to fit everything here in 100 words, which was really difficult to do. 

This was a scene I couldn't pass up, but had a little tough trouble finishing and posting, since I wanted to bring the element of surprise, but I managed to do so. However, I'm a bit over by four words.

Anyways, enjoy!

Megan was standing on her knees with her arms bound behind her back, when she felt him stand next to her and leaned closer to her ear. He whispered, “Hello Megan, it looks like you’re a bit tied up now.”

Megan grinned wryly when she narrowed her eyes. “I should’ve known you would come around, Arliss. So I guess this is payback for what I’ve done to you.”

“Only that I’ll be watching someone return you the favor.”

Megan’s eyes widened when she looked up and saw Tessa coming over with a strap-on harness.

“Tessa, how could you!”

Tessa grinned coldly “One word… revenge.”

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  1. Oh my! I kinda feel worried for her now, lol. Great take :)

  2. Great take on the pic. A story that leaves me wondering

  3. OH sweet!! Must read more!! Awesome piece!!