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Monday, March 21, 2016

Update on WIP - Allison In Wonderland

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything regarding about my WIP, Allison In Wonderland. For the past three weeks, since I’ve spent a deal amount of time writing and re-writing the story, hoping to make it a better story. Some scenes I had to re-write over, in hopes I didn't neglect anything.

Right now, I've written nine chapters, and my word count is over 41,000 words, which the story might reach a novel status (over 50k words). I'm working on the White Queen scene, where Allison helped her step-brother, Steve, escape the Red Queen, freed a number of prisoners, but she is foretold a story from the White Queen, about her feud with the Red Queen, and why does the Red Queen want her annihilated. 

In the real story, Alice In Wonderland, respectively, the Red Queen and White Queen are sisters, but I felt I wanted to make these two arch enemies step-sisters. The Red Queen and the White Queen were under the same ruler, who was the father of the Red Queen, but since he favored the benevolence of the White Queen, he had given his kingdom to her upon his death. The White Queen, being as soft-hearted as she always was, split up the kingdom for the Red Queen to rule, but that kind of mutual partnership wasn't enough for her -- the Red Queen felt the kingdom belonged to her and she should've been the heir to the throne in the first place. 

The ware between the Red Queen and White Queen had went on for years. When the White Queen learned about her step-sister's plan to assassinate her by hiring a succubus, she sent Kara over to serve the Red Queen and trick her to kill the succubus and attain her power, but there was risk and reward for having the Red Queen and her lover, Lord Knave to achieve the succubus's strength. Allison will soon learn about her purpose of being summoned to Wonderland, and the purpose of the Chimera that is inside her. In addition, she will also learn about the dirty tricks the White Queen is capable of playing, in order to defend her kingdom and restore happiness throughout Wonderland. 

Wonderland is on the verge of an apocalypse, and the fate lies in the hands of Allison. The only way to destroy the Red Queen is the Chimera. The first full moon will arrive, and the victims of the Red Queen will rise from the dead, but how will Allison release the Chimera that has co-habitat in her body?

I will try to update more, as I'm shooting to find an ending in the story. 

By the way, big ups to Sara Davis. Thank you for your suggestions.

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