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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Update On My WIP - Allison In Wonderland.

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope everyone's okay on this last day of March. I have to say 2016 has rolled by quickly into April. I'm going to talk about my current WIP, Allison In Wonderland. 
So far, I've completed nine chapter, and the White Queen scene was thought to be complicated to write, because I was giving a little background in the story, between the White Queen and the Red Queen, a little bit about the succubus and the Chimera.

In the actual story, they are sisters, but in the story I am writing the two are step-sisters, and I explain about the rivalry between Mirian, the White Queen, and Iracabeth, the Red Queen, while adding a little history of what led up to the prophecies foretold about the apocalypse that will overshadow

I will go in depth of the story, and I'm not done explaining, but I realized that I was too long in the chapter explaining that I wanted to keep the flow going into other chapters, where I will explain more about Allison's use of the Chimera, and finally her feelings for Steve and why she keeps pushing him away. Also, in the next chapter, I am working on an orgy scene in the White Queen's castle, where you'll soon learn about her guilty pleasures, and the amount of information Allison and Steve will learn in an orgy scene. That will be explained in the next chapter.

Just in the wee hours, I started chapter ten, and the scene will begin with a sex scene, as the Red Queen finishes off the last of her men, leaving no one in the castle left to spare; only her and Lord Knave alone in the palace. I figured it was time to show a very erotic scene between the Red Queen and Lord Knave, Since they were lovers, the damage that's done between them was beyond the point of returning to normal. They were aware of the apocalypse, once Lord Knave was able to understand the scriptures, and yet they still believe that Willow was going to the savior of Wonderland, when they won't realize it was Allison (That will be known later in the chapter). 

I figure that chapter ten will be mostly about sex scene, but with some very interesting revelations that will occur for Allison, during the White Queen's orgy party. This chapter is hoping to be crafted enough to lead to the ending of the story; something I look forward to.

That is all for now. Until next time.

- Ray S.

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