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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 03/22/2016: Jane Scarlett's Assignment

Happy Tuesday everyone. 

It's time for a teasing little piece from my writing group. I was breezing through some NSFW pictures, and one of them caught my eye. I wanted to write some scenes about a woman's assignment, given by her mistress. It's not definite if I want to write it, but I have thought about it.

Anyways, enjoy!

Jane was given a task by her mistress to set out in the woods and meet a man named Dolan. He owned a farm out in the valley, and Jane was instructed to do whatever he says; she was going to be his slave for the weekend.

When Jane arrived, she met a man, who appeared to be younger than her, but very attractive and dominating. She walked with him into the fields, just yards away from his house and she was greeted by four men, who looked hungry, and they weren’t interested in food, but rather for her body.

Jane wasn’t at all nervous, but rather excited when she was told by Dolan to strip and satisfy these men. There were three of them, but Dolan wasn’t going to join them; he was going to watch them please her.

And so here she was naked among these men. Jane was surrounded by two cocks, as she felt the third one push inside her, stretching her while she let out a moan of pleasure. His thrusts began strong and continued fierce.

She then looked up at Dolan, who stood before her and said, “Make yourself at home, Jane. See me afterwards.”

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  1. Interesting scenario. I would like to see more from it.

  2. Hot tease, Ray :-) Certainly an interesting time in the woods, lol.