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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 03/15/2016: Closing Time

Happy Tuesday. It's time for another segment, and with this pic I really loved.

I wanted to share it, and I'm looking to expand this into a little short story. 

It's too bad I can only do 200 words.


Keith had the bar closed down for the night. At least, it was closing time for anyone that wanted to come inside for a drink, but not for him and Brooke. She was behind the bar, wearing the most enticing intimates he’d ever seen. Brooke had on a matching lingerie set, made out of lace and lust. He slowly scanned her from the lusciousness of her dark hair to the beauty of her blue eyes. His eyes moved further down to her bust and further down to her curves, where he got to admire her delicious tidbits. For moment, he thought he was dreaming, but he wasn’t; Brook was standing behind his bar in her beautiful black lingerie.

She set two shot glasses and picked up a bottle of whisky. Brooke poured two shots and set the bottle down. Keith pulled a chair and sat down, as he watched her carry the shot over to his table. She straddled herself on his lap and leaned in to give him a kiss. The kiss was lustful, he felt his dick growing under his pants. Maybe he didn’t need a shot of whiskey, when all he needed was a shot of her. 

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  1. Sexy and playful. I think she'll be getting what she wants tonight.