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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 03/08/2016: Cherie's Rehearsal

Happy Tuesday.

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.

Today, I'm going to post an f/f segment, and this pic was so gorgeous I had to write about it. 

“I hope I’m not making you nervous.” Gia said to Cherie when she pushed herself against her body, pinning her gently against the wall. “After all, this is what you wanted, wasn’t it?”

Cherie hesitated when she answered, “I do, but I’m still nervous about doing it.”

Then Gia lifted Cherie’s leg, moving over to the side her thigh. “Just relax; let me take control. If I don’t make you feel comfortable, we can stop at any time. But remember, we have until tomorrow to make a wonderful performance for Mr. Carner.”

Cherie took a deep breath and turned her face to the side when she exhaled. Then she looked back into Gia’s eyes. “I know. It’s just that I’ve never done it with another woman. I mean, you and I are doing this because of the money, but after doing this with you I don’t know what that makes me.”

There was a brief moment of silence, but Gia held on to Cherie’s leg and suggested. “Just focus on the way I move my lips and the rest will follow, not on my looks.”

“Easy for you to say, when I do find you pretty” Cherie grinned when she kissed Gia’s lips.

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  1. Great teaser, Ray. Very sexy and slightly awkward, as the first time should be.

  2. What makes me think this could be the start of something beautiful? :-)