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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday - 03/01/2016: About Lisa

Happy Tuesday. It's March 1st, and it's almost Spring where I'm at, but I have a naughty
snippet in 200 words to share.

Desiree couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned in her bed, frustrated that she couldn’t close her eyes and dose off. She worried about leaving her friend, Lisa, alone with two men whom they just met at the bar earlier tonight.

Her friend was the center of attention for the night, dressed in her slinky cocktail dress which spark their attention, along with her outgoing personality, but most of all she was having a good time and Desiree wasn’t. Why couldn’t she have a good time, was it because she was jealous? She felt guilty about leaving her alone with two strangers; who knew what they were capable of?

She returned to her lodge to sleep, but she heard strange noises coming from outside her window. She wondered if Lisa was alright. She suddenly got worried, but when she jumped out of bed and looked out her window, she noticed Lisa was in the hot tub with the two guys they met at the bar. They were naked. Lisa was sandwiched between these gorgeous naked men, as they held her up and fucked her.

The scene was quite erotic, and Desiree was relieved that everything was okay, but damn, she was having too much fun.

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  1. Great tease, Ray. Perhaps insomnia is a blessing.

  2. Great tease, Ray. Perhaps insomnia is a blessing.

  3. Aw, bet she could join them, lol :-) Great tease!