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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Random Short Snippets - 03/05/2016: Afternoon Sex with Melina

It's been a while since I've posting one of these, because I've been so busy finishing my manuscript, but today is the day I need to take a break from my usual ways and post an erotic short in 1079 words.


She waited for him to come home – her lover. She was in bed, naked, and in a burning to be in his arms. He was close to her kissing her lips; expressing his need for her by the way he kissed her leaving a delicious ache growing in her center. Melina was happy to be in his arms.

He took off his shirt and returned to kissing her. The two exchanged small pecks of kisses, then the kisses soon morphed into something more erotic. She wanted to taste more of him. She broke away from her kiss and got down on her knees to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants.

She pulled down his pants and saw his hardness sprung free. Melina was intrigued how hard and ready he was for her. She placed her hand at the base of his shaft and began stroking him.

She listened to his response and heard him growl out of pleasure, knowing she was making him feel good. Melina continued to stroke him until she licked the undersides and worked her way up to the tip of his shaft. She teased it slowly, then worked his length in her mouth. Her man enjoyed it so much, he caressed her soft blonde hair.

Melina continued to work his shaft in her out, letting her tongue do the magic of pleasing him. When she took him out of her mouth, Melina stroked him vigorously, just to get him more aroused, but she didn’t want him to get too excited. However, she couldn’t help teasing him when she swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock, causing his growls of pleasure to grow.

She stood up and kissed him hungrily. Melina eyes were closed, following the movement of his tongue with hers. She felt his hand move to one of her breasts, cupping them in his hand. His other hand moved along side of her curves and made its way to her back, where she felt his hand give a soft squeeze on her ass cheek. In addition, she kept her fingers around his shaft, but it wasn’t for long when she felt his kisses move down to one of her nipples.

She felt his soft wet kisses, gentle licks around her pert nipple. Melina couldn’t help utter a soft moan of pleasure, while exchanging warm affection by placing her hand in the back of his head.

She leaned her head back from the sensuous feeling of her lover. She wanted him to keep going and don’t stop. She looked down on him, watching his licks and kisses move to the center of her breastline and onward down to her tummy, where he laid wet, sensuous kisses that left a throbbing ache in her core. His kisses moved further down, and finally, she parted her legs for him, when he dove in and began teasing at her clit.

She felt his tongue flick against her nub, but his flicks soon turned into soft nibbles and licks. He targeted her button with determination, causing Melina to utter sweat moans. She placed her hand on the back of his head and continued running her fingers through his hair. Her lover aroused her until he pulled away and looked up to meet her eyes.

The two looked at each other briefly, but not for long. He inserted his finger inside her folds, and returned to licking her nub. Melina felt his finger moving in and out of her. Then he moved away and played with her clit with his finger. She loved how he was able to take the time to study her, test her response, but more so she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

He then stood up and kissed her lips. Melina sucked in his kisses, while tasting her own flavor. Then without realizing, she felt him pushing inside of her, causing her to moan in between his kisses.

She loved the way he filled her. Her lover was bucking in and out her, while holding up her legs. Her pants and moans continued while she watched his cock continue moving in and out of her pussy. Melina was so turned on by watching, she couldn’t help but place her fingers over her nub and rub herself. She looked at his face and noticed an equal contorted expression. Melina threw her head back and moaned, while she continued to rub herself as she got pummeled by her lover’s thickness. He maintained a steady motion, until he slowed down and leaned into kiss her once more.

The two then switched positions, where he was sitting down and Melina was straddling herself on top of him. She held him in her hand and guide him inside her, as she lowered herself and moved up and down on his shaft. In return, her ass was cradled by her lover’s hands while the two exchanged sounds of pleasure until she leaned in to kiss his lips.

Their kisses grew demanding and more erotic. Melina gyrated her hips intensely until she slowed down and kissed him hungrily. She then got off him and moved to a chair to bend over. She was anxious to have him back inside her; they weren’t done.

She rested her knees on the seat of the chair and Melina felt his hand over her back. Next, she felt his phallus rubbing against her slit, giving it a nice tease before pushing back inside her. His thrusts were so intense, Melina couldn’t help placing her fingers under herself, while she balanced herself on the chair. His thrusts were growing intense, and Melina was loving the feeling of his balls slapping against her pussy.

His pants and groans increased, Melina rubbed herself furiously. She was hoping to meet his orgasm at the same time, but more so she hoped her lover would hold off until she reached her peak. She was almost there.

Then when she reached her orgasm, Melina bucked herself, letting out pure cries of pleasure while feeling his cum shoot inside her. His growls were very intense. Melina felt him throbbing until it stopped. When he was spent, she felt him pull out of her and squeezed her ass cheeks, until he laid the soft kisses over her back, working his way down to her spine.

He pulled her away from the chair and led her back to bed, where they lay together and hold each other until they fell asleep.


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