Love Out Of Lust Series

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Erotic Gallery - 03/09/2016: How Long Can You Wait?

How long can you wait, before I strip you?

One Minute, as I gently caress it for you? I wonder how wet have you grown from that touch?

Two minutes? Yes, you're making me aroused; hot and bothered, but I'm still curious to know how long can you wait as I touch you there.

Five Minutes? Now I'm move rapidly, targeting your clit underneath your panties. I could feel your kisses intensifying and growing lustful. 

Ten Minutes? Your body is begging. In your mind, you're screaming. I know what you want me to do you, but you have to say it.

Twenty minutes? You must really enjoy this torment. I could go on with this foreplay. Your panties are already soaked. I know you want those fingers inside of you.

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