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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 02/04/2016: Winterlust Tales - Birthday Sex On New Year's Day

Happy Thursday. 

My has January 2016 gone by really quickly. It's been exactly a month since the release of my book, and I'm happy that there's been a couple of reviews for my release of Winterlust Tales 

Here is an f/f/m story to my book, and in the story it's about having birthday sex on New Year's Day.


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It was Troy’s birthday – New Year’s Day. What a way for him to start the year; a mini-birthday cake and two gorgeous women by his side. Bianca leaned in and kissed his lips. Savannah sat beside him on the bed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. They both wished him a happy birthday, and playfully sang the birthday song to him. Troy chuckled. It was very thoughtful of them.
Then Savannah brought the cupcake over to him and told him to make a wish. Troy couldn’t help grin when he thought of the wish he wanted. Having two beautiful women by his side was a perfect way to spend his birthday though. He sat up and blew out the candle.
So far, he liked how his birthday was going, and it was getting better. Bianca pulled down his bed cover to lie next to the half-naked man, wearing only a pair of black boxers. He knew what was going to happen next. He noticed the naughty looks on Bianca’s and Savannah’s faces.
“I made the frosting from scratch,” Savannah said in her young, playful voice, scooping the frosting onto her fingertip and holding it over Troy’s face. “Have a lick.”
Troy happily obliged. He smirked and leaned in to take Savannah’s finger in his mouth. Her finger was soft and dainty, and the frosting was delicious. Troy made eye contact with Savannah, and she gave him a very sensual look. He knew she was turned on by the way he licked her finger. Meanwhile, he felt Bianca’s hand on his crotch. His dick grew hard from her touch, and Bianca wasn’t stopping at just touching.
“Mind if I have a taste?” Bianca asked in her beautiful husky voice.
“Anything for you, dear,” Savannah grinned wickedly as she slowly pulled her finger out of Manny’s mouth and scooped up more frosting with her fingertip. She held it to Bianca. “Here.”
Bianca sat up and leaned in to give it a lick. The way she took Savannah’s finger in her mouth was so erotic; Troy’s dick ached in torment, watching the beautiful vixens together. He heard Bianca moan in pleasure as she slowly pulled her lips back. The sight was very arousing.
 Savannah giggled. “I feel myself getting wet from all of this.”
“Don’t stop,” Troy said in his soft gruff voice. “Keep going. Let me see you two kiss.”

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