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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/09/2016: That Night

Happy Tuesday. It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers. 

I'm happy to post another erotic snippet. 

I love reading about f/f, it's one of my favorite genres to read, but I prefer f/f erotica, since it's what I enjoy writing and want to enjoy reading.

Here is my piece.


Lillith kept wondering to herself, as she stared into her phone, pondering about what happened. She didn’t know how to answer to herself, and the feeling of it was quite odd, because she had never been in bed with another woman before. It was all foreign to her, and she didn’t know how to respond afterwards.

That night, she remembered visiting her friend, Sara, and the two were getting high together with some weed, which resulted for the two to get very intimate together. It started with a little bit of kissing and holding, but soon the two were naked in the living room exploring each other.

She remembered the first time a girl had gone down on her, and her first time going down on her. She was so lost in her passion; she couldn’t believe the ecstasy they shared together. Then they spent the rest of the day in Sara’s hot tub, making out and getting affectionate, but it’s been three days and Lillith hadn’t spoken to her since.

Then there was a message notification on her phone. She looked at it and noticed the message from Sara.

Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you mad at me?

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  1. Great tease, Ray. Lovely mix of hot and sweet.

  2. Steamy! I really enjoyed Lilith being locked in that memory.

  3. Oh my, someone is certainly adding to her sexual education ;-) Love that picture by the way.

  4. You can't leave this there, you just have to continue. Love it