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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 02/02/2016: Six More Weeks

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Groundhog Day. 

It's time for a little tease in 200 words, called Tantalizing Tuesdays. 

I thought I should write a little naughty fun snippet for you all to enjoy. 

And like always, I love keeping it erotic.


Rui woke up and stepped out of bed. He rubbed his face, as he stepped out of his bedroom and walked into the bathroom. He washed his face and took a piss. Then he brushed his teeth, before he walked down the steps, crossing through the living room and entering the kitchen

When he stepped in, he was suddenly taken aback by what he saw – Alura was sitting on the kitchen counter, naked, with just leggings on, holding a can of whipped cream when she squeezed a dab of it over her fingertip, licking the soft creamy flavor.

“Alura, I thought you were going back to Kansas City.”

“I changed my mind, and decided to give another six more weeks here. I kind of like it here, and I like being around you.”

“I get to have you for six more weeks? That’s it, and then what?”

“It doesn’t have to be six more weeks, but I was thinking we should spend the rest of the winter together; me and you.” She applied whipped cream over each side of her breast, covering her nipples; Rui was really turned on by what he was seeing. “So what do ya think, Rui?”

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  1. Well, Ray. Six more weeks of naughty fun in the cold? Groundhog's day is really working for these two.

  2. Well now I need to know the answer. Great teaser

  3. I should think, it'll be a big fat yes! Great tease :-)