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Monday, February 8, 2016

Random Shorts - 02/08/2016: After Shower Sex.

It's been a while since I've done a Random Short Snippet. 

This is the first one for the year, but I hope I can treat you with a hot erotic piece in 901 words.


“Your hair is so wet,” Demarius said to Jada in his European accent, when he stood behind her tanned naked body. “Yet, your hair smell nice.”

Jada felt the heat of his breath and the heat of his body as it tantalized her. She had finished taking a shower, and now Demarius stepped in the room with the determination to fuck her. She didn’t protest, when she felt his hand caress her long dark hair, gently pulling her head close to his and felt a soft kiss on her dampen hair. The only thing she wore was black a thong. She felt his hand over her ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

When he pulled her body close to him, Jada felt his hardness against her ass. He had on a pair of slacks, but his hardness caused Jada’s nipples to harden, giving her a delicious ache that grew in her core. Better, she enjoyed his sense of dark, yet gentle dominance from him. He was about to fuck her, but Demarius had a way to make her fall weak with the need to be fucked. His determination aroused her.

“Your body feels wonderful. I cannot recall the last time I’ve fucked you against the way,” he continued, this time moving his hand from the roundness of her ass up against her back. “Let me pull them down. I want you so bad… Jada.”

Jada let out a soft gasp when she felt her thong being pulled down by his manly grip. Demarius had such strong hands, and the way he pulled her thong down Jada felt the moisture growing inside her. The anticipation was killing her; she couldn’t wait when she heard him undoing his belt and soon his pants. She was anxious and hoping like hell he would bring her to a complete mystical world of ecstasy.

She felt his hand over her ass and pulled her close to him. Jada felt his cock rest against her slit. He rubbed it, teased it as if he wanted her to beg for it. She wanted to play hard to get, but Jada felt so horny, she couldn’t resist the urge to have him inside of her. She wanted to feel the initial feeling of a man stretching inside her. It was a wonderful drug she always enjoyed, being pierced by something enjoyable and soon injected with his climax. Fuck, she couldn’t wait!

“Give it me; nice and deep,” she begged.

Demarius knew she wanted it, but he continued to tease her until he was ready to give it to her. He rubbed the head of his shaft against her slit, finding its way to her nub. Then, without warning, he pushed himself inside her. Jada’s pussy gave no resistance to his entry. She immediately tilted her head back and fluttered her eyes closed when she let out a gasp of pleasure. They way he stretched inside of her left her with the feeling to touch herself.

Demarius was inside her nice and deep. He moved himself back and forth, bucking his hips, while Jada’s moans filled the room. She felt Demarius cup her breast in his hand, and his thrusts caused her ass to smack against him. She placed her arms against the wall to balance herself; Demarius was pounding her with speed.

Then she felt her wrists being bound together by Demarius’s hand. His hand was large, able to bind them together without struggle. The two exchanged moans of pleasure, while Demarius pumped her with determination and need.

His grip grew tighter, and Jada’s moans grew louder. She felt his other hand grip her hair. Demarius was dominating her and Jada was enjoying every minute of it.

His thrusts grew intense. Demarius filled the room with his growls. Jada could also feel herself coming close. His cock not only felt nice, but she loved how it fitted inside her; how it filled her to reaching her orgasm. His cock was growing hard – really hard, and it was only a matter of time he would reach his climax, hopefully helping Jada reach hers at the same time. That’s so hot!

Demarius soon let go of her wrist and placed his hand along the side of her waist. She felt his fingers digging inside when he straightened his cock inside of her and cum inside of her. She felt him twitch, and his cock continued to throb until she suddenly reached her orgasm, immediately matching up with his. Their orgasm was so intense, Jada didn’t realize that her he had let go of her hair and cupped her breast with such a grip. His large hands would probably leave a mark, but at least a mark she would enjoy because of his pleasure.

Demarius slowed his thrusts, but he continued throbbing inside Jada. He leaned his head and placed wet kisses over her spine. Jada’s skin tingled, not only from the sensation of his soft wet kisses, but the wonderful orgasm she shared along with his.

Demarius kept himself inside her. His face rested over her shoulder. Jada could feel the heat of his breath, but his sound of relief was satisfying. She was equally relieved.

“You always bring me into full excitement. I hope you enjoyed it as well.”

Indeed, Jada did. What he did to her, she didn’t mind freshening up again; hopefully for another round of hot sex.


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