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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 01/28/2016: Winterlust Tales - Shantaye's Wish

Happy Thursday.

It's time for another segment of Thursday Taster, and have I got a nice, hot scorching piece in 344 that will get you nicely hot and bothered.

I'm going to satisfy your read with a menage -- an MFM, off my newly released, Winterlust Tales - an erotic anthology of six stories, ranging from m/f, m/m, f/f, and menage.


“I need to slow down; I’ll cum if I don’t,” Bryan pleaded. His breathing ragged.
 Shantaye returned a naughty grin. Bryan was close to his peak. Oh yeah, I’m ready. She narrowed her eyes seductively and moved her hips, meeting his thrusts.  Bryan threw his head back and pulled out of her. He held his cock over her beautiful dark mound. Shantaye watched in anticipation as his cock twitched and thick white cum spurted over her stomach. Art quickly backed away as Shantaye was showered with Bryan’s cum. She loved the feeling of warm cum all over her body. Bryan continued to howl until he was spent. He lowered his head to catch his breath. There was no doubt the sex was intense. And now she had Art to fuck her while Bryan recuperated.
Shantaye wiped his cum all over her stomach and breasts. “Why don’t you sit down and let me lick you clean? Art can fuck me while I get you hard and ready again.”
Bryan nodded, and they all switched positions. He sat down on the sofa while Shantaye bent herself over in front of him for Art to fuck her from behind. She had Bryan’s cock in her hand, stroking him as she felt Art’s thick rod push inside her. Art’s hands were on her ass, steadying her as he drove into her time and time again. Shantaye moaned around Bryan’s cock in her mouth. She worked on getting Bryan nice and hard, while she got pummeled by Art’s thrusts. Suddenly she felt Art’s thumb circling her tight little asshole.
At first, she tensed up. Art’s thumb rubbing around her asshole took her by surprise, but she relaxed herself and allowed Art to continue to caress her tight rim, working his thumb inside her tight hole. Shantaye was soon hit with a powerful orgasm. Her moans of pleasure were mixed with sharp cries of passion. Art’s thumb in her ass made each thrust more intense.  
“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” Her cries filled the room as her body shuddered intensely.
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  1. Hot hot hot Ray! Great taster

  2. The real benefit of M/F/M trios. :D Thanks for the taste!

  3. Super sexy taste! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This scene read with realism, right to every detail. I felt as was a bystander watching every reaction of each character. You have that talent making your words create a very realistic scene.