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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 01/14/2016: Winterlust Tales, Last Chance at the Mandarin Oriental

Today, I'm posting my weekly post awfully late, because I was out of town, and I had to leave early in the morning. 

But today, I'm going to post about my book, Winterlust Tales - An Erotica Anthology, and I'm going to give you a scorching f/f scene in 405 words. This segment will be about a story between Elvia and Tricia, where they re-kindle a familiar moment that started in college, and Elvia wondered if she was falling in love with her.

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The two kissed wildly as their hands explored.  Tricia began leaving trails of hot kisses down Elvia’s neck until her mouth found one of her nipples. She began flicking them with her tongue, occasionally taking one in her mouth and sucking hard, causing Elvia’s hips to bounce off the bed. Tricia looked up to study Elvia’s reaction. Her eyes were closed, and she leaned her head back, wearing a serene expression. Tricia worked her way farther down, leaving wet kisses between Elvia’s breasts and over her tummy.  Elvia’s softness was so much to take in; she couldn’t help but move back up and leave wet licks along the side of her neck. She felt Elvia’s body arch and heard her panting softly. Tricia’s fingers found her folds and pressed inside. Elvia was wet with need. Tricia slid two fingers inside and worked them in and out. She used the soft pad of her thumb to rub her swollen clit.
As her fingers found Elvia’s nub, she heard a sudden gasp of pleasure. Elvia continued to writhe while Tricia fingered her, slow and soft, then hard and fast. Tricia knew she had Elvia under her spell. She continued to play with her pussy as she nibbled the corners of her mouth, slowly working her tongue in to dance with Elvia’s.
 Continuing her sensual assault, she rubbed her own pussy lips against Elvia’s, causing a friction that had both women panting and wanting more. They kissed and writhed against one another until Tricia broke free and moved down Elvia’s body, her hands lifting her pelvis toward her.
Tricia licked Elvia’s slit from bottom to top. Elvia quickly arched her body and grabbed Tricia’s hair. She writhed as Tricia continued to make love to her with her tongue. Tricia looked up to see her reaction once more. Elvia begged her not to stop and began to grind her pussy against Tricia’s face. Tricia continued eating her pussy, loving the sound as Elvia’s breathing increased, and her moans became louder. It didn’t take long for Elvia to arch her body in a sudden orgasm. Tricia tried to hold on, but Elvia managed to pull away.
Tricia moved back on top of Elvia, kissing her, letting her taste her own flavor in the process. Elvia wriggled free and pushed Tricia back onto the bed and straddled her. It was her turn to show Tricia just how good it could be.

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  1. Very sensual sexy taster. Love it

  2. oh nice little taste...literally. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Damn that was hot! If anything will keep off the cold, it's that!