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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 01/07/2016: Winterlust Tales - Staying The Night Over

Happy New Year, as I've been super-busy from a very good year, 2015, and I'm ready to continue 2016 with some very steamy pieces, all from my newly released book, Winterlust Tales

This book is an anthology of short erotic stories, ranging from m/f to m/m, f/f, and menage. 

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Here is a little taste of what I have in store for you:

What Manny saw was amazing; Dayna was on her bed masturbating. He stood and watched as Dayna slid her hand inside her sweatpants, fingering herself, working herself to the ultimate pleasure. As he watched her masturbate, he felt a familiar ache growing. He couldn’t stop watching his friend get  off and found himself thoroughly aroused by the sight. 

He watched silently as Dayna raised her shirt over her breasts, squeezing one as she continued to rub her pussy. If only her pants were down so he could watch her fingers work their magic. He had known her for a few years but had never lusted for her until now. Her breasts were beautiful – mouthwatering. He watched her twirl her fingers over one nipple. The sight made Manny want to rip his clothes off and climb on top of her, fucking her as he sucked on one of her nipples. He could feel his dick stiffening under his jeans, tenting his pants painfully. He needed to touch himself. He wanted to unzip his pants and play with himself as he watched her, but he was afraid of making noise and getting caught.

Dayna looked fucking hot as she masturbated. Manny managed to slip his hand inside his pants and began to rub his cock. He watched silently as she squirmed and moaned in pleasure. The sounds made him rub his dick harder. He was so worked up he was willing to cum in his pants if he had to. He imagined himself before her, stroking his cock as he looked into her eyes, loving her wanton expression then shooting his hot cum all over her pussy and tits. He watched how she touched herself, and then noticed what got her hot and bothered. She had a tablet beside her, and whatever she was reading really got her off. Manny wanted to know what she looked like completely naked. Her breasts were arousing, but he wanted, needed, to see more. He never expected Dayna to open her eyes as she reached her climax.

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  1. Oh, holy smokers, Ray!! That was really sensuous. I can't even type. Was an image, what a fantasy, what an ending, or dare I say....a beginning?! That was the best way to start my morning. I can put the coffee down now. My heart and everything else, is started. xo

  2. I love that you had her 'reading something' Thanks for sharing.

  3. She should have opened her eyes a bit sooner and ask him to join in.