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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/05/2016: Sunrise

Happy New Year. 

Even though, it's five days into 2016, I want to come across with a piece of paranormal romance. 

This picture of the fog in New York City has really inspired me to write a vampire/human romance.

While this event allows 200 words, I'm over by 23, because of the flow of the segment.

I do hope you enjoy.

A new day emerges for Giles and Wanda. They walked together in the park, as the mist of the fog brings a hopeless romantic moment. Giles turned to her and placed his arms around her curves, while Wanda returned the same affection. They turned to see the sun rising from the east. The anchor of the Brooklyn Bridge was reflecting the sunlight, but the rest of the skyline was covered from the dense fog.

“Wonder if I will see you again?” Giles asked, as he placed his thumb at the corner of her lips.

“Until tonight.” Wanda returned a unsure grin.

“We could make it to my place. We’re just a couple of blocks” He said, betting he could beat the sunlight and have Wanda in his arms in the bedroom.

Wanda looked at the sunlight reflecting from the streets. The fog was being cut like a knife to a cake. “I won’t make it.”

“We can.” He insisted and attempted to take her, but she quickly disappeared, leaving Giles perplex. “What the…”

Wanda was gone. The price of being in love with a vampire who won’t turn him, but all was not over when he discovered a small note on the ground. It was folded, he picked it up and read it. It was from Wanda, saying: Sorry, see you tonight XOXO.

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  1. Happy New Year and well done, Ray. It flows well with a touch of romance. Nice Tease!

  2. Great teaser. I didn't think vampire, though I had pegged her as something 'otherworldly'.

  3. This is really neat, Ray. I hope you continue with this one. I really do. Great tease and wonderful writing, as always.

  4. WOnderful, Ray. I love when you write using photos from San Francisco. Makes me homesick. But, this was particulary good. Great tease. xo

  5. Ray, this is a very good beginning to a longer story. I hope you pursue this to a more detailed saga. The picture would be perfect for the cover. I love this piece. It is very taunting, drawing me into the story, the way a Teaser is supposed to be.

  6. I absolutely loved this tease and agree with Pablo, there is another excellent Ray Sostre story here, just waiting to be released