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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday - 01/26/2016: Intimate Feelings

Happy Tuesday. 

It's that time again, where I write something in 200 words, provided by an inspired pic to enjoy.

This picture really intrigued me, and I wanted to create something sensual and erotic.
I could've went on with this snippet, but damn, I got to keep it 200 words. LOL.

Anyways, enjoy.

Dean lied on the floor shirtless, while he read something from his tablet. He was chilled and relaxed, until he saw something that really caught his eye – his girlfriend Simone. She stood at the entrance of the doorway, wearing her black lingerie and sexy black heels.

His point of view was clearly upside down, but Dean could see how beautiful Simone looked, wearing a black thong, and lacy black crotchless panties that had garter straps connecting to her stockings. Her bra was a mixed color of silver and black, but long dark hair, the way it accentuated her wanton appearance had Dean set down his tablet and look at her.

She walked over to him with a sensuous grin and got down on her knees before his head. She bowed her head down to kiss his lips, but it didn’t stop there. She trailed her kisses from his neck to his pecs, down to his abs, where Dean and Simone were in a sixty-nine position, leaving her to part her legs over his face, and for Dean to take the opportunity to push aside her thong and see her slit, before lowering her ass cheeks to his to taste her nectar.

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  1. Nice detailed work, Ray. I really enjoyed it.

  2. What a lovely interruption for him. Fab tease, Ray :-)

  3. Success on sensuality. Really put us right there.

  4. Seems like he was having a fantasy while reading his notebook for the woman he wants. The descriptions work very well to accelerate the pace of your Teaser. Well done.