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Friday, January 1, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday 01/01/2016 - New Year's Surprise

Happy New Year everyone. 

It's 2016, officially, and I hope you all had a good New Year celebration. 

I'd like to start out 2016 with something very comical in 100 words.


Dean hurried home to celebrate to get change and go out for New Year. He closed the door behind him and took off his uniform, hurrying his way down the end of the hallway, where he opened the door and noticed Jane bent over, completely naked with three whistle blowers wedged between her ass cheeks.

Dean stood there in full shock, then laughed when he asked. “Jane, what the hell are you trying to show me your unique talents?”

“I thought I’d blow you kisses and cheers.”

“Well, if so, that take blowing it out your ass to a whole new level.”

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