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Friday, December 30, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/30/2016: Leilani's New Year Worry

Hey everyone. 

Happy Friday and Happy New Year. 

This will be the final FFF for 2016, as I'm happy to see the year come to an end.

I am looking forward to see a better year for 2017.

Anyways, enjoy this flash. 

This will be the first time I ever wrote a flash featuring a transgendered character.


Leilani laid on top of Tristan, groping heavily and kissing him. She felt his hardness pressing against her crotch. The feeling from his desire made her want him even more. She then looked down see a trail of clothing on the steps.

Tristan growled in her ear. “Let’s fuck the New Year away.”

Leilani was a bit nervous. She couldn’t believe how much Tristan wanted her. She was really nervous about doing it with him, but he was insistent on seeing her naked and thrilled to fuck her, but she worried about one thing. Her anatomy. She was a woman, but with a matching hard cock.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Allison In Wonderland #AIWbyRayS #EARTG #ASMSG - The Inspiration Behind the Characters

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 2016 had been a good year, so far, but a year that tested a lot of my patience. It had also shed light on what I wanted to do with my life more, and that is to write more erotica as possible.

And I’m so excited to share more about my upcoming release to Allison In Wonderland.

This is going to be my first published novel, and also my first erotic fantasy novel that was taken from a real book, and while I hope for the book to be a hot-seller, I also have aspirations on a film. Today, I’m going to show you my dream cast, if this book was ever to go into adult film. Now, if you’re not familiar with the porn actors and actresses it’s okay. I will educate you a bit on them, but their performances on film had inspired me very much of what I wanted in my story.

Syren De Mer – The Red Queen.

When I first seen her performance a few years ago, I amazed of the uniqueness of her. Syren De Mer was the perfect inspiration behind the villainous, sex goddess, The Red Queen. On film, I noticed a very sensual and freaky side of her that I like. She had performed in a number of films, but what I also saw in her was the perfect demeanor to play the Red Queen in the story. Now, if my book (just an erotic author’s dream) was to ever go on adult film, I would hope to have Syren De Mer to play this role. BTW, love your work, Syren!

The Red Queen in my story is the source of all evil. What she really want is revenge for not being the heir to Wonderland, and she has set her revenge to her step-sister in the story, creating fear. When she makes an assassination attempt on the White Queen, by hiring a succubus to do her bidding, she was told by her sorceress that the succubus has wielded the power of draining souls of her enemies, by drinking the blood of the succubus she would attain the power, and she would have Lord Knave to rule at her side.

The Red Queen in the story is focused heavily on her beauty and power. She will stop at nothing to become the most powerful woman in all of Wonderland.

Tommy Gunn – Lord Knave

A villainous queen must have a villainous sidekick, but in this case the Red Queen’s right-hand man and lover, Lord Knave. Now I never disclosed much about how they fell in love in the story, but they are definitely a pair when they rule with evil. In addition to why I never got in depth of how they fell in love, I wanted to focus on the adventure in the story and most importantly Allison. Lord Knave, otherwise known as the Knave of Hearts (I switched the name around for my own creative reasons).

As far as the role for Lord Knave, porn actor Tommy Gunn would make the perfect appearance for this role. He has the perfect appearance, and even though he could’ve had the shot doing some action films (not sure of his film history), but I have seen him appear in some clips involving the parody to Walking Dead.

With his stance and his image, I could imagine him wearing an eye patch, shaped like an upside-down heart and dark clothing, representing the evil man in this role.

In the story, I wanted to create Lord Knave as a sadistic character. He enjoys watching his enemies and prisoners suffer. He is the enforcer for the Red Queen, and very merciless, but Lord Knave has an ego and some insecurities. He’s not the perfect villain, but definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Mr. Hatter – James Deen

When I first wrote my version of Mr. Hatter, I was thinking of porn actor, James Deen (not to be confused with the legendary actor James Dean.) Anyways, seeing him appear in many other roles, where he not only has a cool demeanor but a dominating one, I was intrigued to use his appearance in my story.

Mr. Hatter in the story is definitely the master of ceremonies and plays a vital role to Allison. In this story, I wanted Mr. Hatter to have a lover; someone who is just as crazy as him. Someone that is naughty and rebellious, also willing to go along with life, including hosting the wonderful sex tea parties Mr. Hatter throws.

Willow (Hatter’s Lover) – Emma Leigh

Willow was a character in the story I created. I wanted Mr. Hatter to have a lover. I felt it was absolutely necessary, in order to give my version of the story some purpose. Willow, has a sultry British accent, and a very erotic appearance that not only spelled ‘lust’ but described sensuality. Who better than I would describe Emma Leigh? She has an enigmatic appearance and demeanor that I like, and I grew interested in her roles where I said to myself what a perfect description for her to play Willow. Not only is she British, but I could see the joker side of her, if she worked along with James Deen (just my imagination).

Willow, in the story, plays a role where she holds the key to defeating the Red Queen and Lord Knave – The Chimera. She is the last of the Chimera Clan and a powerful ally until the end.

Cheshire – Danny D.

Another British porn star, but with the kind of attitude I would recommend for this role, if this was turned into an adult film. Okay, while Cheshire is an actual cat, I have no intention to have a cast wear a costume, whatsoever. All of my characters will be in human form. However, could Danny D wear a pair of cat ears headband to play the role of Cheshire? And no, he wouldn’t have a tail. I didn’t design the story that way. Sorry, furbies are not my thing.

Now, to get out of the animal costume. LOL. I created Cheshire to have the same abilities as the Cheshire Cat in the story, but in a human form. He could material and de-materialize. I want him to have a very cool demeanor; very chill. Also a love interest to Jessica, who I’ll feature next.

Jessica (The White Rabbit) – Dani Jensen

Dani Jensen, is what I call the ginger bombshell in any role. She has a unique way to arouse her viewers or make them fantasize in fucking her hard and rough. She has a naughty and a mysterious side I like about her, and she makes the innocent look so well when she does performs these roles, but in this story I felt she fit the perfect description to play the role. I could imagine her wearing white rabbit ears over her head and red corset with hearts. While her character, Jessica, works for the Red Queen, she is also a double-agent for the White Queen, infiltrating her palace when she helps Allison rescue her step-brother Steve.

Tweedle Brothers (Dre and Dru) – Jonathan and Drew Scott.

Okay, these guys don’t obviously work in adult film, but they are the inspiration to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I wanted to come up with perfect descriptions for the Tweedle Brothers. Now why I decided on calling them the Tweedle Brothers was a method to my own madness. I felt calling them the Tweedle Brothers was more comfortable than just Tweedle Dee and Dum. Now in other stories, they look like a couple of M&M’s wearing some cornball outfits with a cap over their heads. I decided to make them sexy-looking. They were perfect for the threesome scene I created in the story, and being this is an erotic novel the men have to be attractive. So instead, I called them Dre and Dru. It just had a better appeal.

Kara (the Sorceress) – Kate England.

Originally, when I added Kara into the story, I needed to create characters that would help develop the story better. I wanted to create Kara who she was supposed to be the villain in my story, as the Red Queen’s sorceress, but I liked the way I was able to develop the character in the story. See, while Kara was one of the Red Queen’s subject, she was also a double-spy for the White Queen, she was the only one who could get so close to the Red Queen and Lord Knave, aside from Jessica. Now, why Kate England?

Kate England has the sassy attitude I like about her. She’s not only sensual and erotic, but there is the sense of adventure I picked up from her, and she also has an intellect that I can pick up. She stood out really well. I also noticed a versatility in her that I like. I originally thought of her description of Allison, but I saw something more about her. I couldn’t nail it more when I say I described Kara to be the perfect one for this role, Kara.

The White Queen – Cherie Deville

When I think of the White Queen, I think of a benevolent individual and an air of sensuality, also the naughtiness inside her with a touch of snark. It’s how I captured Cherie Deville. I’ve seen a number of her roles, and while some of her roles are a parody to reality, I love the sensuality in her roles more. It was why I designed the White Queen to look like Cherie Deville.

The White Queen is the real ruler of Wonderland, and in the story I will explain how a feud between Iracabeth and Mariana was born. While in the real story, respectively, had these two as sisters, Iracabeth being the oldest, I designed these two as step-sisters, where Mariana is the oldest.

Okay, respectively, Syren De Mer, my vision to play the Red Queen is older than her by at least a decade, and she looks gorgeous for her age. I have to pictured the White Queen to be older than her and a woman who hadn’t shown how much she aged despite her age. That is the hidden truth behind my story.

I wanted her to have a big role in the story I developed, where I came across with stories that either showed her as a floaty-ditz. I didn’t want to design Cherie’s character that way. Her character, the White Queen, is a cunning and clever person, very persuasive and sensual. I wanted to create the opposite of her stepsister, where she uses the power of persuasion, instead of brute force like Syren’s character.

BTW, Cherie, I hope you manage to catch this. Love your work!

Steve Robbins – my good friend, Steve Robinson.

In December 2015, I was talking to a fellow author and friend of mine, Melissa Wright, at my job about writing my story. I wanted to write a parody to Alice In Wonderland, and how I wanted to incorporate bits from the movie, Cruel Intentions (1999). Steve Robinson name came up accidentally during the discussion. He’s a good friend of mine and co-worker. He’s one crazy guy from the South. If anyone met him, they’ll love this guy; cooler than a fan.

Anyways, I didn’t want to use his full name, but I decided on shortening it to make it more appealing in the story. While I could have just let the story be based on Allison, I felt the story needed someone to upset the world of Wonderland; someone who would also shake up Allison world and give a true purpose in Wonderland. Steve is the step-brother to Allison, and how I designed this character was the similarity to my good friend Steve Robinson.

Now, he caught the glimpse of the story, and he was impressed and he can’t wait to read the rest of the story with his girl. Thanks for being a good sport in the story and letting me use the character, big homie.

Allison Woodward – Karla Kush

Last, but not least, Allison. Now, why Allison instead of Alice? Because I want my version to be different than the rest. Allison is the most easiest character to design in the story, but how I wanted to perceive Allison was not some curious girl only, but a woman in her late twenties, somewhat emancipated in Wonderland and nothing but a true leader. She’s the heroine in the story, and I could only think of one person that is described close enough to play the role – Karla Kush, another talented porn actress.

I was also intrigued by a number of roles Karla had played, and if this was ever turned into a movie and Karla was asked to play the role, I would hope she would say yes, because I find her one erotic star in this story. Just perfect for this role.

Well, that is all for now. Please stay in tune with more tidbits to my erotic novel.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Video Trailer to Allison In Wonderland #AIWbyRayS #EARTG #ASMSG

A couple of days ago, I came across with a few things to compile together,
 to make a trailer to give you all what you were expecting in the forthcoming release. 

Now the score I picked up for this trailer, I don't take credit for, 
but it was a remix to 'Kraid's Lair', of the Metroid Zero Game. 

I wanted to use the original version of Kraid's Lair as the score for this trailer, 
but when I came across the remix I was really amazed at how it would turn out, 
and you should check it out yourselves.

Enjoy the trailer!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Cover Reveal of Allison In Wonderland #EARTG #AIWbyRayS

Title: Allison In Wonderland
Release Date: January 30, 2017
Cover Design: Tiffany Huegele
Genre: Erotic, Fantasy, Adventure

In this parody to the children story, there’s an adult twist – an erotic fantasy adventure. Allison Woodward and her step-brother, Steve Robbins, are pulled out of their world and into separate realms of Wonderland, where they not only discover a strange world but encounter the chilling events that unfold. What summons them to Wonderland will also summon them to fall in love in an unusual way, and while that love wouldn’t be explainable in their world, it is their only chance to survive Wonderland, along with the help of their Wonderland friends.     

Friday, December 16, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/16/2016: Their Weekend Slave

Happy Friday. Sorry that I'm late in posting my flash.

It took me some time to get my thoughts through on this, because this picture was so naughty, I wanted to come across with something that would inspire me to extend this piece. I really love the image and I may intend to do so.

Anyways, here is my flash.


“Just hold it right there,” said the cameraman. He then complimented. “Beautiful!”

All three, Tom, Lucinda, and Gemma, remained still while the cameraman clicked his camera several times to capture his shot.

“Okay, everyone take five. Those were beautiful shots. You three are naturals.”

The cameraman walked off, leaving them alone. The women giggled.

Gemma, the beautiful dark-skinned one said, “I’m having so much fun, Lucinda.”

“Me too,” Lucinda agreed. To Tom, when she peeled of his lacy blindfold. “Just two more days and you’ll be free.”

Tom shook his head. “As long as my wife doesn’t need to know about this.”

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 12/08/2016: A Hangover Surprise

Happy Thursday

Today, I want to come across with a short snippet for Thursday.

Hope you enjoy this snippet, in 294 words.


Helen woke up in a strange bed. That was one hell of a party. She didn’t know what the hell happened, but the last time she remembered she was drinking lots of gin and tonics, and there were plenty of people. Most of them were half-naked and dancing together, except her. She was so drunk, Helen crashed in a room, where she remembered being helped by a friend, Lisa.

She looked up to the ceiling, holding her head with her hand from the throbbing headache. She rolled to her side and saw a bucket by the bed. It was empty, but damn, the bucket trick somehow worked. She remembered Lisa telling someone to leave the bucket. She was so fucked up, her world was spinning upside-down.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned in agony. Her headache was really strong. “No more gin and tonic.”

She sat up and looked around to see what time it was. It was ten in the morning. If anything, she needed something to make this hangover go away. She stepped out of the room and headed down the hall.

She heard strange noises coming from somewhere – noises of pleasure. Damn, was someone watching a porno video. Then again, it sounded really live. Could someone be having sex in the living room?

She entered the living room and stood still, in silence. Helen saw something that was not only disturbing but interesting, her friend, Lisa, was naked and lying on top of the man as they had sex on the living room floor. She supported her arms, gyrating her hips wildly, while the man below sucked and nibbled at one of her nipples. But what was more disturbing was who she was having sex with was someone she knew. She almost gasped.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 12/06/2016 - The Photo

Happy Tuesday. 

Sorry I'm posting awfully late.

I'm having a tough headache to get around.

Here is my post for the day.

Seth came to work in a happier mood. He had such a great weekend, partying out in the Catalina Islands, off the coast of California. It was such a beautiful getaway, where met some wonderful people to party. He was now back to work on Monday, ready to do the grind in Los Angeles, as reality began to set in.

He walked into his office and set his briefcase aside. He took off his blazer and hung it over the chair. Seth logged on his computer and to check for messages. He opened his email program and found a few messages. One of them red in large caps ‘IMPORTANT’ with an attachment for Seth look inside. He opened the message. Seth was suddenly alarmed when he read a message.

Hello Seth,

Wouldn’t your wife like to know what you really did in the Catalinas? And you told her it was a business seminar.

Seth scrolled down to see a photo of himself nearly shirtless, being caressed by two, young gorgeous women at each of his side. That son of a bitch! He was being set up.

He scrolled further down to see the extra message.

I’ll be keeping you in touch.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/02/2016: The Reunion

Happy Friday.

Today, I'm posting a short piece for Flash Fiction Friday.

This piece was a bit difficult to do, not because I couldn't come up with anything,
but it was because I had a hard time keeping it under 100 words. 

No matter how I did it, I was going to be over by at least 5-8 words.

The total word count is 106. So please forgive me and enjoy!

Winson arrived at the party, and had a look around to see who was still around who had gone. When he passed by another room, he stood still, transfixed at the woman in a black lingerie. She was gothic looking, with raven dark hair and beautiful pale skin. Winson couldn’t believe that after all these years, Jasmine, his former lover, was still around. She was the reason why he left, and here she was seated on the sofa and collared up with a long chain, by her new master who displayed a hard expression.

“Hello lover,” Jasmine looked up and grinned. “Long time, no see.”

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Final Month of 2016

It's December 1st. Just a month away from 2017. 2016 has been a year of a lot of deaths, both famous and the ordinary, mainly friends and family. Over the past Thanksgiving weekend, the town I live in has lost some personal and dear to us. Her name was Kristina Castro. I called her a dear friend of mine, but I was her boss also, and she was a fan of my work, the Love Out Of Lust Series. I dedicated Part Five to her and then her man, Yobani Delmuro; they were both fans of my series. When she died on November 26, it was the hardest thing this town could accept. She was loved by all.

Her death affected my ability to write for a few days, mainly to concentrate. Two months before died, I told her that I was writing a novel she was aware of, but I was using her personality and characteristics in my story, but now that she is gone I feel awkward. I want to complete the story, but also want to remain respectful of her passing. She knew what I wrote was erotic fiction, but I only want to use her characteristics in the novel, respectfully. It's been a struggle for me lately. Deep struggle.

I don't want to portray her the wrong way, by no means, but her characteristics has helped me developed the story better back in 2015, and at that time I was hoping she'd get possession of the story to read for herself, but I never expected the tragic events to take place that early Saturday morning.

I've been revising bits an pieces to my manuscript, Promiscuity and Success, but the progress has been slow to meet completion. I'm hoping make improvements and completion of the story. The person editing the story is excited to be considered, and I'm looking forward to bring the manuscript over to her.

That's all for now. It's a slow road to progress, but I'm able to get it done

RIP, Kristina Castro-Salazar. 1993-2016. You were the star of the show, but taken too soon. The world won't be the same without you. I'm so glad to get to know a great person like you.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/25/2016: The New Model

Happy Friday.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Today, I'm going to present a flash in 100 words of the weekly pic.


“So tell me, who is this guy I’m doing the shoot with.” Angie hissed as she was ready to see a picture of a typical pretty boy with a thin muscular build and lanky hair, probably with the likes of Justin Bieber.

“This guy.” Jana smiled when she handed her a cream-color envelope.

Angie opened the envelope and pulled out the photos. She was intrigued when she saw a black man with a wonderful muscular build. His pose was unique, with a beige towel wrapped around his nakedness, but his body glowed wonderfully from the sunlight.

“Damn!” she muttered under her breath. “Sexy!”

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 11/24/2015: That Delicious Feeling Inside Her

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving. 

I'm sorry that I'm so late in posting this piece. It took me a couple of days to find my muse,
where I wanted to come off with something hot and juicy. 

I wanted to come across with something very explicit, because I want to entice my readers on here, hoping like hell you will enjoy it. 

I came across with a very hot piece that you may like very much. 

Here is a piece in 397, almost 400 words.


Veronica bent herself over the couch in front of Desmond, showing her pussy and ass in front of him. She placed her finger under her slit, rubbing her clit with the anticipation of he Desmond getting ready fuck her. She was giving both of her holes for him, ready to receive his cock anywhere in her holes. She didn’t care; she wanted him inside her badly.

She kept her hands over the seating of the sofa when she felt his warm hands over her back and ass. It was going to happen; she wanted to get fucked so badly. Veronica waited in position, while she felt the tip of his cock rubbing against her wet slit. He pushed in with one swift move, thrusting himself inside her while she let out a deepening moan. She loved the way he stretched himself inside her, making her so hot. While he fucked her, Veronica placed her hand over her breasts, squeezing her nipples over the delicious feeling of Desmond’s cock. He had a girth that filled her lovely. The way he fucked her, she could’ve came over the feeling of it, but she felt that feeling rising inside her.

He pummeled her nice and deep, making her moan erotically. Veronica closed her eyes with a wild, dirty imagination of him fucking her in a way she may never recover. She needed a nice good cock inside her. His girth was filling her with sexual content, nearly taking her to a place of no return.

Then he shoved himself inside her and said, “I’m ready to make your ass mine.”

She love the way he told her how her body belong to him. Desmond pulled himself out of her pussy and placed the tip of his cock against her tight hole. When he pushed himself inside her, she felt his invasion, which mad her eyes squint and her face contort from the sudden pain. He worked himself inside her ass slowly, until her facial expression changed. Once she was used to his size and he was deep inside her, Veronica was able to relax from the wonderful pleasure of him. His cock in her ass had left a delicious ache in her pussy she would never forget. Damn, he was developing a nice rhythm in her ass; she couldn’t help circling her fingers over her nub to get herself off.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FREE on Amazon from November 23-25 - Winterlust Tales

For three days, My erotic anthology Winterlust Tales will be free.

This is my way for saying thank you everyone for being a fan and being patient with me in waiting for my anticipated release, Allison In Wonderland. 

I will host a cover reveal for the book, sometime around next month, as soon as I get things in order.

So from Wednesday through Friday, pick up your copy and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, or wherever you are enjoy your week.


Ray Sostre.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/22/2016: The Shocking Video

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday. 

Today, I'm going to post a little comedy and fun off this pic.

Are you ready to get teased today?


Britney walked over to Sergio, holding her smart phone in her hand. Sergio was sitting at an empty table, listening to music from his headphones when she pulled a chair and sat beside him holding her phone in her hand.

She tapped him. “Sergio, you got to check this shit out. You remember Von, who used to work here?”

Sergio removed his headphones and turned to her “What?”

Britney was frustrated. “Jesus, don’t you remember Von Walker, before he got fired.”

“What about him?” Sergio asked.

“Well, you should’ve seen the video he sent me on my Messenger.”

Britney showed him the video as it played. His eyes widened when he saw Von in bed with a woman everyone’s familiar of – the boss’s daughter, Raquel.

This video had gotten his attention. “Holy shit! Is that who I think it is?”

“Yep, and she was riding him hard.”

Indeed, she was. The video showed Raquel bouncing her ass, up and down on his shaft. Von was fucking the boss’s daughter out of revenge. Why would Von do something like that, filming her having sex with him. This man had Balls of Steel, no pun intended.

Sergio looked up and saw someone he recognized. “You better hide your phone. Quick!”

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Random Short Snippets - 11/19/2016: Teaching Cora A Lesson

It's been a while since I've done one of these short hot stories on my blog.
I've been very busy with my novels, where I've neglected to entertain you with some dirty stories to help get you off. 

In this story, I'm doing a short BDSM, and there was something about this pic that really inspired me to entertain you, hopefully arouse you too. 

Please enjoy this dirty 1140 word short story.

“Ah yes,” the Master looked over his tied slave. She was a willing, pale-looking redhead with her mouth gagged and her arms tied behind her back, where she wore royal purple corset with garter straps that connected to her black laced stockings. Her legs were parted, revealing her clean shaved pussy. The Master was very delighted. “You look so… willing, aren’t you, Cora?”

Cora nodded. She was willing to do whatever her Master wanted her to do. The Master could only anticipate how much Cora enjoyed this. She was his boss by day, but his sub by night. At day, she would boss him around, giving him orders, but by night she would submit to any of his desires.

He then glared over to her with a question, “I bet you want to be pleased don’t you?”

Cora nodded. She mumbled something through her gag; only the Master could understand what she wanted.

He turned himself around walked over to the table to pick up a flogger that lied on top of it. The Master sauntered over to her and placed the tip of the flogger on the side of her shoulder, caressing it over to the other side of her neck. He then moved the flogger down her cleavage, where he gave soft taps against her purple corset. When the Master moved the flogger down to her mound, Cora let out a whimper. The Master was intrigued by her response.

He looked at her beautiful bud and played with it with his flogger. Cora, in response, elicited a moan. She closed her eyes to savor the sudden pleasure he was giving her. It gave the Master the chance to see she was off guard when he tapped her clit with his flogger.

Cora let out a yelp and jerked herself when she opened her eyes to the sudden sting. The Master leaned over to her and said, “That’s for riding my ass at work.” The Master tapped her clit once more. “That was also for making me take my lunch late. You know, I’m going to enjoy this, especially tapping your pussy with this.” He held out the flogger in his hand. “Then I’m going to make you cum afterwards.”

He held the flogger over her mound again and waited for the right moment. Cora looked back, wondering when he was going to sting her clit with the flogger. The Master gave her clit another whack, causing her to jump from the sudden sting.

The Master looked back with a sinister grin. “That must’ve hurt.”

He rubbed the flogger over her nub and began to sooth her swollen button in a circle motion. Cora let out whimpering sound, and just when she thought he was done. He gave her a very hard whack against her clit. The sound of the flogger hitting her clit was loud enough to make her shriek in agony. Who knew how much it must’ve hurt, but the feeling of her pain and her submission aroused him well enough.

“You know, I’m getting so turned on by this, I’m going to heal your pain with some pleasure.”

He returned to the table and set the flogger down. Then the Master unzipped his pants and took out his cock. He was hard her, throbbing over the thought of Cora’s pussy. He loved the way the flogger sounded over her freshly-shaved pussy. It sounded beautiful, so hot; all he needed to do now was make her cum hard and finish her off with his naughty plan.

He held himself in his hand, stroking it while he picked up a large vibrator with the cord connected to an extension cord. He walked over to her and turned it on. The Master placed the tip of the vibrator against her clit, as he watched her body react from the sudden contact.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” The Master looked over at her devilishly.

Cora nodded. She turned her head slowly, from side to side, relishing the feeling of it. The Master held the vibrator against her swollen clit to where her body bucked. He, at the same process, stroked himself, looking down at her pussy, thinking to himself how bad he wanted fuck her, sink himself into her wet entrance and swim in her passionate juices. He knew how wet Cora could get from this. She was into everything he was into, even another woman. The Master stroked his cock with all the devilish plans about her. He held the vibrator against her clit, while her moans increased.

Then he set the vibrator under her slit, making sure the vibration hit her clit enough to send her over the edge. He faced himself in front of her and stroked himself, making a strong eye contact with her. She wore a wanton look that could have him shooting his load in an instant. The Master could feel a nice ache growing under his balls with the urge to release, but Cora wasn’t yet close to her climax.

Then he climbed on the bed and grabbed her hair, while holding himself. He growled in her ear. “I want to hear you cum, you ball-busting bitch. You like busting my balls at work, I’m going to give you a busted nut, but you better hurry up and cum before I do something severe on you.”

He held Cora by the hair, while he stroked himself. Cora writhed her body and moaned through her gag. Her hips gyrated intensely, The Master was almost at the edge. He wanted her orgasm to meet his in full sync. To help add more eroticism, the Master licked the side of her neck, hoping it would trigger her climax, and indeed it did. Cora bucked her hips when she screamed through her gag. Her moans were loud and erotic. It was symphony to his ears.

Then the Master let go of her hair and removed the vibrator. He rubbed his cock vigorously until he let out a hiss and howl, shooting his cum all over her hot, clean shaven mound. He gazed into her eyes and saw her flutter it close, as she savored the feeling of hot cum splashing against her pussy. When he was spent, the two rested their heads over each other’s shoulders. The Master panted, it was a very hot orgasm the two shared together.

The he whispered, “That felt good. Did you enjoy it?” Cora, now with a rapture expression returned a nod at him. He continued, “I bet you like the feeling of a good hard cock throbbing inside you, don’t you?”

Cora nodded.

The Master gently pulled down her gag and kissed her lips. “But you have to earn that feeling, my dear. We’ll see how you’ll treat me tomorrow at work, then I’ll see if you deserve that juicy treat.”

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/18/2016: Sensuous Interlude

Happy Friday. 

I hope you had a good week.

Today, I'm going to take a little timeout on my work and post flash in 100 words.

Bring you something seductive. Something erotic


“Close your eyes, tell me what you feel.” Tariq whispered to her.

Amirah’s eyes were closed when she felt something light and feathery running along the side of her neck. She felt her neck tingling from the sensuous sensation, and then the heat of his breath closing in.

“Do you feel it?”

“Yes,” she whimpered seductively. “Kiss me.”

Amirah felt his lips pressing against her and her, and the two kissed erotically, where their tongues danced together. She felt safe and secure with Tariq. His kisses were comforting. It almost made her weak in the knees.

“Let’s go somewhere, Amriah.”

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 11/17/2016: The Price Of Losing A Bet

Happy Thursday. It's been a long time since I've done Thursday Tasters.

Well, I'm looking forward to share you all something really good, and I hope I can give you 
a nice taste of what I wrote in 395 words.

When I looked at this pic, I thought about going on and on with this snippet, but I have a word limit between 100-400 words, and maybe down the line I might expand it. But for now, I want you to enjoy this naughty snippet.

You know I like to keep it x-rated.

Bound on a chair with his hands tied behind his back and blindfolded, Michael wasn’t expecting to be in this position. He was stripped from his pants and boxers. Michael sat naked from the waist down, but he kept his white shirt on, halfway buttoned to expose his chest. He didn’t know what to think right now, but he knew how he got in there in the first place. He made a deal with his ex-girlfriend, Melanie, on a football bet that was worth more than money. How could he be so stupid? She initiated the bet, and all he had to say was no, but he couldn’t; Michael was quick to let his ego get in the way to prove Melanie that he was right, and now here he was under her mercy, laughing at his defeat. That wicked bitch!

He felt Melanie’s presence, but he couldn’t see what she was doing. She sat on the white table with her legs parted. Of course, she wasn’t wearing no underwear. She was his girlfriend for many years, and when she wanted to get very naughty she wouldn’t wear any underwear. It was her thing. Her leg crossed behind his back, where she motioned him to lean closer to her pussy.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this,” Melanie laughed wickedly.

“Let’s get it over with,” Michael muttered.

“Oh Mike, don’t be that way. You know, you wanted this.”

“I have a fiancĂ©. I love her.”

“Yes, I know you do, and your secret will be safe with me. I promise you that, but right now, it’s time to lick me. You were so wonderful in eating my pussy.”

Michael mumbled, “Shelly, forgive me.”

He latched on to her clit and began circling his tongue around. While he pleased her, there was a familiar moment running through his mind; the time when the two were together and Michael would do this to her very often. He loved going down on Melanie more than he liked her going down on him. He loved the way her body responded when he teased her clit with his tongue. If only he could have his hands tied he would get some leverage, but then again if his hands were untied he would probably strangle her after her orgasm. Who knew, but for now he was doing what done best for her.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/15/2016 - Her Erotic Pleasurer

Happy Tuesday, dirty-minded people. It's time for me to take the time out of my novel and arouse you with something never before. That's my intention; no matter what responsibility I bear.


His words... so erotic; the way he made her feel. She was in the need to get herself off. She needed to a good release after reading his wonderful dirty story. Damn, that author, how could he? He made her feel a certain way; a way she would never look at him the same way. Every time he spoke she would go home, go lie on the bed and get herself off, just thinking of him. The way he made her feel – arouse; her body was burning with need – a need to get off like there was no tomorrow.

All she could think of, was his body on top of hers. His cock was pressed in deep in her wet slit, while his face pressed against her and his face pressed against her with the need to for a hot release. She wanted something this naughty – so dirty. Damn, he was too hot to ignore. So hot, her mother wouldn’t approve being that he was a man of a different race and different ethnic background. He was Mid-Eastern; a man who helped captured her heart and her mind; someone who would make her cum from the words he had expressed.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/04/2016: Seeking Morning Pleasure

Happy Friday!

Boy, it's been a long time since I've been on here, and I'm back.
Now, I want to be more active as possible on my weekly posts.
I'm so happy to take a break from the norm, and share one of my snippets.

This pic inspired me to write a BDSM scene, and too bad it can only go up to 100 words.

But enjoy...

Brenda lied in her bed, holding a small cup of coffee in her hand, while enjoying a November morning. She sat and thought it was time to open her gift. Her husband left her all alone with a gift, where she will get to play for herself.

She took one sip and got up from her bed. Then she placed her cup of coffee on the counter and walked over to the closet, where she opened the door and there was a naked young man, bound and gagged for her enjoyment.

“Hello there.” She smiled sinisterly. “Damn, my husband can sure pick ‘em.”

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Edits for Allison In Wonderland Has Arrived!

At the end of April 2016, Allison In Wonderland was completed and submitted to my editor in the following month for editing. Now there had been numerous delays, due to circumstances, but the story has finally arrived, after waiting six months. Now the reason why the edits took six months was because of circumstances that were beyond the control of me and my editor, and when the story arrived it was worth the wait.

I’m happily excited about the story. The story itself has turned out to be far better than the original, and what I plan on doing is promoting the hell out of it, since this story will finally be pushed back for January 2017, because the holidays are a tough time to promote books. I wanted to wait until after the holidays for the release, but me and my street team are going to promote the hell out of it, once I get the final cover of the story.

It took me an hour to think over the blurb of the story. It’s amazing how every author, including me can write a long novel, involving 50k words and over, but can’t write a blurb that is up to 100-200 words, but I managed to get it done.

This is a parody to a children’s story, but it is intended for adults with lots of sex scenes and fantasy adventure. When Allison and her step-brother, Steve, are pulled out of their world and into Wonderland, they discover not only a strange world, but chilling events that unfold before them. The only way these two could survive would be the love for each other. It is the only hope to defeat the Red Queen who wants to rule over Wonderland and return home to the real world.

This book contains scenes that I never thought I would write, but I had always wanted to write. I learned by writing this story it showed how creative I really am. I am so glad that I had someone to inspire me for writing the story. Thank you again, Sara Davis, for all the wonderful Alice In Wonderland pics from DeviantArt. They inspired me really well. In addition, thank you to a good friend, also my co-worker friend, Steve Robinson. I do hope you enjoy the story. So far, you were impressed by your character, and I’m glad.

Now that the story is able to move forward, I will begin giving away the first three chapters of the story, to give you the idea of what I write in this story. Can I tease you with the first three chapters of the story? I hope you’ll get hooked, because upon release, you’ll want to discover what will happen next.

Once I have the cover, I will host a cover reveal of the story. Stay tuned. I have more to blog about the release of the story!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When People Question My Political Views, But All I Ask Is Tolerance - 10/26/2016

Hey people, what's up? Over the past week, my woman and I have been reported for unnecessary reasons, on Facebook, for unnecessary reasons. I could only guess it's political, because I'm mainly a liberal, and I support Black Live Matters Movement, also Blue Lives Matter Movement, while, yes I'm a Clinton Supporter, and also Kaepernick supporter, for football and political reasons, I'm also a Bernie Sanders Supporter. So, for those who have problem with me, I am who I am. If I friended you on Facebook, or better yet, you friended me on Facebook, and you'r the polar opposite of me, it's time to really get to know me, because I come to realize there are a number of people who should.

Now, where should I begin? Starting from being a Republican in 1994, to a Democrat in 1997 and since then. Also, being a 49ers and Raiders fan since the 1990s. To be honest, I wasn't a 49ers fan until 2010 season, when John Singletary was the head coach. It took me very long to admit, but I've been a 49ers fan for a very long time. I remembered, when I was in grade school, when I was watching the San Francisco 49ers, in the late 1980's, when Joe Montana, respectively, scored some many touchdowns. I remembered Super Bowl 23 & 24 (1988 & 1989 Champions) scored some many touchdowns that, the 49ers held their head up high. I also remembered the Bo Jackson Era, when he was with the Los Angeles Raiders and with the Kansas City Royals -- two great teams.

My influence with the San Francisco 49ers didn't become strong, until the 2010 season, when John Singletary became the head coach. Now, I feel bad to tell my step-son and my wife, who are die-hard 49ers fans, but I've always admired them since the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Joe Montana was able to delegate the ball, and Steve Young took on the legacy. At that time, I was a Los Angeles Raiders fan, and yes, I still love the Raiders today, but my heart is still in San Francisco.
I won't argue that my faithfulness to the San Francisco 49ers came from my influence from my wife and stepson, but I will always show love for the current Oakland Raiders, whom I have struggle with a hard time to call them Las Vegas Raider, if they were given the opportunity (I'm remaining neutral, BTW), but they're having very good season in 2016.

My support of Kaeprenick has shown both love and hate for who I support; sadly among conservatives, in which I've been fucked with for who I support.  I'm a 49ers fan, win or lose, but no matter how shitty the team is, I'm going to be that person, while showing love for the Raiders as well. What many people didn't also know, in 1994, I voted Republican, with the exception of 1996 election, until I became a registered Democrat in 1997, and since then, I've voted mostly Democrat. Although, as a registered Democrat, I've voted for Republican Governors, only because they were for the people, and the kind of governors I had voted for in politics were moderates; they were willing to work the public. Now, if anyone questioned me about my politics, which one am I a Lib or Con, well here's my answer, and I'll break it down. Socially, I'm a liberal. This is a major reason why I switched my party to Democrat in 1997, because of social politics. I was a registered Republican, or better yet an independent in 1994, in New York State, but I was inspired by the Republican Party in 1980s, when Reagan was president, and George H.W. Bush was president. I will not lie, in case this bites me in the ass, but I did like the ideology in the days. I also like Bill Clinton, who was more realistic than George Bush in the early 1990s, and forget Ross Perot, when he dropped out he lost that independent base. How I became a full liberal, well thanks to guys like Rick Santorum, Jerry Falwell and people like Franklin Graham, I grew disgusted on who I was willing to support. I strongly believe against religion being mixed with politics, but I also struggled with the ideology of Republicanism. Now some may call me a traitor, but there's a method to my madness, and why I won't support who was in the party these days.

In the 2000s, my views grew much more liberal, realizing the truth of propaganda versus the reality of what was going in America, I learned that the number of people being affected in poverty, was largely minorities, mainly African-Americans and Hispanics that were in poverty, I grew consciously aware. My feeling of systematic racism didn't come to subject until 2011, when I not only saw a group of black people fighting for us, but a number of white people that did, including people in law enforcement and political background, which also included people who are billionaires that fought for fairness that want to see equality, that made me realize we are all one, as American. I never said they anything about race, but it felt good when people of the opposite color that is willing to go public and fight for us; something that wasn't easily done for a long time, even in the 1990s, when it was all taboo.

Now, it comes down to the 2010's, where people like me want to be treated equally, but some people see otherwise.  First off, I'm Hispanic by race (Puerto Rican by culture), but a number of people see otherwise, because of my skin color and what they were taught by their parents, see things differently. I live in a town that has a hard time accepting people of color, when there's a large number of Hisapnics by 3 to 4 ratio. I'm probably more American than most people, but refuse to take a litmus test to prove it.I'm very well-aware that my skin color is black, and I can truly identify with both the Black and Hispanic race, as well as I want to be accepted by the White and Asian Race. My wife of twelve years, who is White, has had her share of both racism and and sexism, where she was challenged to take on the so called 'man's world, because they see a woman they see a threat to every manhood.

Now, here is the challenging questions, any fool would challenge me on, and I'll answer easily and truthfully.

Do I support Barrack Obama? Yes, and so does my wife

It was never because of race, I've met a few of Black Republicans, but because of ideology. Now, in the past, I've supported Republicans in the past, in the 1990s, but my ideology has changed since the late 1990s, and have been that way since. My main focus is equality, while some may disagree, which they're entitled to, bu to, but I won't let them challenge my beliefs. Now, if anyone asked why I left the party, it's because of the religious right. How I view the religious right is a hidden form of fascism. They use religion as a meaning of seperatism, when I knew the American history long before. Muslims have been accepted since the Eighteen Century, but modern Americanism, or people who represent the conservative party try to blind you with the fiction of Americans was founded on Judeo-Christian values, when the founding fathers said otherwise. Even I believe that Benjamin Franklin preferred lighthouses over churches, including John Adams, who was a Federalist, disliked religion. Barry M. Goldwater dislike religion over politics too, even though I disagreed with his politics then, but I wasn't born in the 1960s, and I was a kid in the 1980s.

Clearly, how my politics went from being being conservative to liberal in the years was all due to religion mixed with politics. I realized that people who mixed religion into politics disgusts me very much, and the way they embraced them turned my head to a different direction, where I decided to vote for a group of liberals; they were more respective on anyone else's views than the conservatives, even though they weren't much saints as well, but I had more trust in them.

Now, it's time to fast-forward to the 2010', where I have long supported the Bernie Sanders movement, before he ran for president of the United States.  I've long heard of him since 1997, when the millenials were in diapers or in grade school. He was a champion then, and today, still a champion. Why I won't support Trump, and why I lost respect with him told a BIG reason. First off, I'm Hispanic, after the June 2015 speech he gave about Mexicans, also reflected with people like me. I know very well, people of Hispanic background weren't like that, but to the eyes of a rich man like Trump, he saw people of color an opportunity to blame for society's problem; basically a rich man's game he wants you to play. This was the rich man's game that separated white and blacks from the very beginning, except in the 2010's Blacks and Hispanics are considered the sole blame of all the problems, when there's a bigger picture that's missing. Anyone who is willing to take Trump's political gospel is willing to blame people like me for being their true problem of success. Now, I know the Democrats haven't done much to help the white working-class, and that feeling has faded away over the years, but all in all, I'm listening to a rich man, who for one, has never been poor, nor ever shopped in a grocery store, as well as knowing any real struggle to survive, but knows how to create the race-baiting of individuals; some you might know as neighbors, and pull the divide and conquer stunt like never before. Sadly, many didn't listen to Lydon Baines Johnson, who was just as racist as Strom Thurman, but came to some senses with this actual saying in the 1960's when he said,  If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you. Sadly, that' what it looks like in 2016.

Now, I know I a lot would try to debate me on why I shouldn't see things that way, and they will come across with cheap shots or insults, but I am who I am, and I won't change to make you like me. If that so much bothers you, then so be it, but I never asked for anyone's permission or approval to be who I am. I truly know the true meaning of Black Lives Matter Movement, but there are a few idiots who make us look bad, just like I support the Blue Lives Matter Movement, where only a few idiots make the cops look bad, but they're not so publicized like the Black Lives Matter Movement. I know race plays the games, but I'm not going to cry foul and call out anyone who doesn't represent; it's just a waste of time to me, and with what leverage do we have against an establishment that people believe in. I know, very well, not all cops are racists. I've been a victim of police brutality, and I've also seen cops give me a break, despite race, as long as you don't give them a hard time. I'm speaking in fairness here. However, I noticed the treatment from a number of police officers, and now, sadly, I live in a society where it is us against them, or how some perceive it. I don't see it that way. I just support the cause, based on the experiences, including witnessing some others who don't deserve to be treated that way, but couldn't act because I would get the same treatment like my friends, and it was just as worse than me, sadly, because they were minorities with criminal records. I grew up in the 1990s, where there were no cell phone cameras; different times to live through. Camera phones weren't widely available until the early and mid 2000s, despite the Rodney King situation.

Do I hate cops? No. I understand the attitude, and yes, I supported Colin Kapernaick long before his protest in August 2016. I see him as a potential quarterback, regardless of his political differences. Just as much as I like Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, Sarah Michelle Gellar (from Buffy the Vamprire Slayer Series), along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are all Republicans. While their political differences don't attract me, their acting does. I see them as good actors, despite their political differences. Hell, you could be religious, don't fucking drink, smoke, or hate sex, but a very good actor. It's all about tolerance. Something that many Americans needed to be reminded about -- tolerance.

You and I don't have to be on the same page of everything, but what we can agree on the common purpose to benefit mankind -- tolerance. If you and I can work together to fight a war, we can work together to fight for the common purpose. Do not let the media dictate how you should think. That is the problem of America culture since the 1980s, telling people how they should think because one is different than another, and by thinking differently, you're suddenly the enemy for standing for what is right. As long as you're benefitting the people and not yourself. The key thing in here is tolerance, and even if you don't agree with me, I ask for your tolerance without questioning me Do I support Colin Kaepernick for his stance? Yes, I do. Long before the senseless controversy and during. I never asked for anyone's permission or approval over who I choose, and I won't stand for anyone daring to question me, because I'm willing to shut them down, even if they're willing to unfriend me or unlike my author page. I am who I am. I've never questioned you who you're voting for or what is your political beliefs, just respect mine.

I've been reported a couple of times, particularly in my Author Ray Sostre's page. And as recent as August 29th and October 20th, I've been messed with out of spite. I know it's not Facebook, messing with, but someone's reporting my pic, hoping to make my life a living hell, but I'm not going back down from it. It tells me that people like you are reacting to my personal pages, when most of you have friended me in the past, when people should realize that you sent the friend requests to me, mainly last year, and this is the price of friending me -- take it or leave it.

I learned that people who are opposite of my rarely mess with me, usually they don't get involved with my political rants,which I hardly express these days, because I'm sick of it, but some people seem to have a problem with it.

2016 has shown me a number of friends and supporters I've lost personally and to my author page. Does it hurt me, yes, but I also know that while I may differ than some, I've seen the number of true tolerance, even among those who don't get involved with politics. Truth is, I love talking about sex and than politics, but I am who I am, and I'm not willing to change, but I'm willing to tolerate those who are different than me.

Sadly, this is the new norm for the late 2010's. The number of people who are willing to distance themselves with others, because of their political difference. Have we become the culture of who we should talk to, like new media outlets in the 2000s? Who to listen to, what to eat, what to wear, or what to drink? Has the America culture become the sheep and fall for the saying of some rich man's culture,who basically doesn't care what you go through to survive, but wants you to follow their example, and sees free-thinkers and a pure threat? If this is the case, then by far, we've come to the point where we lost our sense and sensibility.