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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - 12/15/2015: Spellbound From Lust

Happy Tuesday. It's that time again. And you better grab a bottle of lube, napkin, or vibrator.

I'm ready to scorch you with another hot tease.

“See your girlfriend below?” Trinity whispered in Cameron’s ear when she jerked his cock. He was naked, and his hands were bound behind his back, anxiously watching what the muscular man was doing to his girlfriend, Arianna – fucking her hard and strong, as he witnessed her ass cheeks smacking against his thrusts. “You’re going to be doing that to me soon. Tonight, you’ll be forgetting about her. Your cock belongs to me.”

Cameron was in a trance – a lusting spell. He could feel his cock reaching its arousal, as he continued watching the man below pound his girlfriend, until he threw his head back and bellowed out in his pleasure. Arianna’s pleasurable cries met his, as he came inside of her. The man pushed himself nice and deep, until his pants evened out and he was calmed down.

Meanwhile Cameron, felt the urge to cum. His panting grew intensely when Trinity moved her hand away. Cameron contorted his face and quickened his breath, when Trinity moved her lips next his ear and whispered. “Not yet. I’m just getting you juiced up when you and I are finally alone.”

She then slipped out of her thong and led him inside the room, where she could devour him inside.

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