Love Out Of Lust Series

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - 12/08/2015: Lucero and Valentina

Happy Tuesday. I hope you're up for another segment. It's a very erotic piece.

Here it is.

Lucero looked down on Valentina when she sucked on his cock, taking him entirely in her mouth. The way she moved her head up and down his shaft, he couldn’t believe how wonderful she was able to make him feel. Her sucking had brought such a revival in him; so wet, so juicy, he needed to fuck her.

“Yes,” he hissed softly when he ran his fingers along the side of her face. “now it’s time to let daddy fuck you my little one. Did you bring me something to play?”

Valentina took his cock out of her mouth and gave a naughty grin. “Of course I did. See?”

She stood up and turned herself around, pulling her black lacy panties aside to expose her full ass cheeks. She bent herself over and exposed a red jewel plug that centered in her ass. Valentina looked delicious from there. He couldn’t wait to take it out and fuck her in her tight hole.

“Good girl… good girl.”

Lucero pulled his pants down further and grabbed Valentina by her waist. He pulled her close. Valentina held his cock in her hand as she lowered herself on top of him; the two gasped sensuously in unison. 

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