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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - 12/01/2015: For Now

Happy Tuesday. It's the first of December, and I'm happy to come up with another naughty tease, this time it's a little over 200 words. The flow of the story was too hot to stop.

Marcus sat in his chair, drinking off his rock glass. He spoke to Misty and Anna with an Eastern European accent, “You two have been fighting all week. I’m going to teach you two to get along.”

Misty, the woman with dark hair in a ponytail tried to argue,” But—”

“But nothing,” Marcus argued back. “I want to see you two kiss and make up, right here in front of the Mistress.”

Kiss and make up? With this little snot-nose bitch? Misty thought to herself. Anna was the kind of girl that give her the attitude, and come with the snide remarks, knowing it would get on her nerves.

“Go on,” Marcus said. “You two, kiss and make up.”

Misty turned to her and looked into her eyes. Anna returned a cold, fiery grin that made Misty want to punch the shit out of her. She placed her hand on her face, restraining herself from wanting to hurt the bitch. Anan placed her hand on her bra strap; she was ready for whatever move Misty was going to make.

Then Misty said, “For now,”

“I know you’re going to like me after this.”

Anna was probably right, because she could feel her bra strap being pulled down her shoulders when Misty leaned in to kiss her.

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  1. Excellent tease Ray definitely in need of continuation

  2. That's one way to get them to bond, lol. Great tease, Ray :-)