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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday - 01/19/2016: Anissa

Sorry that I'm posting this a day late. The internet went dead at the time I was posting this.

Here is my tease for Tuesday, January 19th.

By the way, this is the first time I writing a piece in first person narrative; something I don't normally write, but I think this was better that way.

Annisa – the Lebanese beauty I craved for. How I miss the moments when she lied on the sofa, naked, her beautiful breasts fell free as she placed her fingers over herself, and then making its way to her clean shaven mound.

She had that beautiful gem I admired. While she worked her clit, my heart raced with anticipation. She would give me this wanton expression, and then lick her fingers while I stroked my cock in my hand. It was one of those intimate moments I enjoyed, Annisa and I masturbating to pleasure.

We would go on with this moment, until I could hear her climax. It took a while and it took me some patience to wait for her cum, but we got there. And when we got there together, it was a wonderful bliss we shared. Happiness. I would mount myself on top of her and rub my throbbing cock just over her wet slit, and during her mid-orgasm I would cum all over her stomach and mound, until our explosive moment ends. Then we seal the night with a lusting kiss, knowing we accomplished something lustful together.

Then we finally lie on the sofa together, snuggling until we sleep.

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  1. Sweet baby notness. Now that was a treat and I feel writing in the first person was the perfect way to tell it.

  2. Yummy tease, but I sense some nostalgia there. What happened to those two?