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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mènage Shorts - 12/16/2015: Heather Surroundings.

Happy Hump Day!

It's that time again for another segment of Menage Shorts.

I have a wonderful MFMM short story, in 2018 words for your enjoyment.

Heather sauntered in the living room, dressed in her pink corset and black fishnet stockings. Her dark hair was fixed to a seductive perfection, extending down to her shoulders, and her make up blended softly to her tanned skin. She had on a pair of black heels, which added the extra height to her sexy appearance. She was amazed that she was able to walk on them without stumbling.

She stood by the wall and ran both of her hands through her hair. Heather quickly laid eyes on Jason, a shirtless man with dark hair and a muscular build that her burning with need. Jason was young and had gorgeous features. He showed a look of determination when he walked towards her, placing his hand over her tummy as he moved his hand to the side of her curves and leaned in to kiss her.

The way he kissed her spoke the volumes of how much he wanted her. Heather felt an ache growing in her core, begging him to touch her more. She wouldn’t mind being pinned against the wall right now, having him fuck her nice and deep, but she needed to get through his pants first.

She placed her hands on each side of his hips. At the same time, she felt his hand slide up, holding her breasts in his hand, while their tongues explored each other. Heather’s heart raced against her chest with pure anticipation. And the way he moved his tongue in her mouth, she could imagine where else his tongue might be useful.

He moved his hand on the side of her neck and leaned in to give her a soft sensuous nuzzle, causing the inner excitement to grow. Heather was lost in her passions, as she wanted to unzip his pants and hold him in her hand. She needed him inside her now.

And things grew even hotter when she felt his hand slide from the side of her neck, down her to body, until his hand found its way inside her thong, cupping her pussy in his hand. Heather loved the feeling his fingers, as it found its way through her luscious folds. Jason was about to discover just how wet she was.

His fingers slipped inside her without any resistance. Heather fluttered her eyes closed when she let out a soft gasp. She moved her body along with his soft fingering, turning to him with a look of pure lust as she breathed against his lips.

“Kiss me,” Jason commanded

Indeed, she did. He had her mouth and body opened for him. She moved in and kissed him passionately, sucking his breath away with her hungry kisses. She was now spellbound by his fingering, loving the way he moved them in and out of her slit. Oh, if only it was his dick inside of her. She needed a good fucking right now.

He removed his hand away from her pussy, and Heather squatted down to undo his belt. She was anxious to get him out of his pants, and while she was undoing his belt. When she unzipped his pants, she took his cock out. Heather, without hesitation, took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head, while she felt his hand rummaging through her dark hair. She looked in his eyes, to see his satisfaction, Jason in response, bucked his hips in and out of her mouth, as if he was fucking her elsewhere. Then she heard footsteps of someone entering the living room. Who was it?

She turned her head behind her and noticed Manny, a tanned-skinned man, Hispanic-looking, with very manly features and a godly body. He too was shirtless and wore blue jeans like the young man, but this man had broad shoulders, like a sex beast that just entered the room. Heather was delighted to have extra company in the room.

Manny was standing there all this time with his arms folded, watching Heather suck on Jason. Heather couldn’t just work on Jason, she needed to work on Manny too. In fact, she was delighted to have two men in room.

She stood back up and kissed Jason in the lips, telling him. “Keep yourself nice and hard for me.”

She sauntered over to Manny, as he placed his arms down and began unzipping his pants, where she saw him pull out his hardness and hold himself in his hand. Heather gave him a seductive grin and placed her hand over his broad shoulder.

“Mmm… impressive,” she grinned wickedly. “Mind if I touch.”

Manny didn’t reply, but he removed his hand and waited as she curled her fingers over his shaft, taking him in her hand. She stroked him gently and heard him groan under his breath. Heather pulled her corset down, allowing her breasts to fall free. She squatted down and placed his cock between her breasts as she teased him with a nice tit fuck. In response, Manny slowly closed his eyes to savor the wonderful pleasure of Heather rubbing her tits between his cock.

She then took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. She worked his length in her mouth, and Manny ran his fingers through her hair, motioning her to go fasters. When she took his cock out of her mouth, Heather began licking the underside of his shaft.

Manny began undoing his belt, while Jason stood beside her and pointed his cock at her face. Heather took turns, sucking on Manny and then on Jason. So far, she was working a wonderful rhythm of pleasing them, until she felt the presence of the third person – her husband, Steve.

Steve was dressed in gray slacks with dark green t-shirt. He was bald and athletic looking. Heather was going to have her hands full with men that want to fuck her. She turned and looked at Steve, as he unzipped his pants and took out his dick. He held himself in his hand and began rubbing it, inching himself closer for Heather to get a taste of him.

Steve wasted no time in pulling down his pants, just before Heather took him in her mouth. The men in the background did the same thing, getting completely naked and stood in front of her with their cocks pointing at her.

Heather was now surrounded by three swords of flesh, each anxiously waiting to be sucked. She took the time sucking on Steve, and then on Manny and Jason. She had the men so worked up, that one of them motioned her to stand up.

Heather stood up, waiting for one of them to take the lead, but what she didn’t anticipate was herself being carried by the three men over to a red leather floor mat. She almost screamed, but she refrained from doing so. She imagined herself as a woman who was stranded on an island with a couple of native men that hadn’t seen or fucked a woman like her. She loved the way they carried her the mattress and laid her on top of the down. Heather felt her legs being parted by Steve, and noticed his look of hunger when his hand reached over to her thong, pulling it aside, before ramming his thick hard cock inside her wet cunt.

Heather returned a deepening moan when she felt Steve stretch her walls of pleasure. He filled every inch of himself inside her and began bucking himself in and out of her pussy.

She caught a delicious view, but her stare was only brief when Jason and Manny surrounded her with their swords of flesh. She took turns sucking on them, moaning at the same time.

Steve moved himself in and out of her, while groaning out of pleasure. He increased his speed, causing a familiar noise of two bodies smacking together. The harder pounded, the more Heather enjoyed. She felt her breasts being groped and fondled by the other men, as her body rocked back and forth from Steve’s thrusts. When he pulled himself out, Steve stood up and allowed Manny to get his turn to fuck her.

Manny moved in front of her, and held her legs up, as she watched his cock disappear inside her. Manny filled her with his first thrust, pushing himself all the way in deep. He moved her sideways and began pounding her rapidly with his thrusts.

Heather had Jason to concentrate on, but she wondered what her husband was doing. She was now left with Jason and Manny, but when Steve returned, he had a bottle of lube in his hand and began pouring some to lube his cock. Heather knew Steve was going inside her ass in a matter of time. The anticipation had really gotten her excited.

When Manny pulled himself out of her, she waited for Jason. Only thing, Jason had motioned her to switch positions, where he lied down and she got on top of him.

Heather straddled herself on top of Jason and held his length in her hand. She lowered herself on top of him, swallowing him inside her entirely. She felt his Jason’s thrusts, moving very intensely until she began gyrating her hips, placing both her hands over chiseled chest. When she felt someone’s hand over her back, Heather stopped rolling her hips to await the second entry.

It was Steve. She could sense him when she felt the tip of his cock against her ass. He pushed himself in her tight hole, causing her to hiss slowly. Steve worked himself carefully in her ass until he was able to push his hips against her ass.

Heather was now taking two cocks at once; Jason in her pussy and Steve in her ass. The men began working out a rhythm together, but most of all, Heather enjoy the delicious, brutal fuck from them. She loved the feeling of her body surrendering between these two men, and even more when she was able to take Manny in her mouth.

All of her holes were now filled. She was amazed at how she could satisfy three men at once, while the men returned her the same satisfaction.

Steve and Jason began picking up their thrusts. Heather, despite having Manny’s cock in her mouth, her moans increased. She felt Steve’s thrusts, intense and demanding, along with Jason’s movement was suddenly taking her to the point of no return. The feeling was wonderful, she took Manny’s cock out of her mouth and screamed out her orgasm.

The men continued pounding her, regardless how her body tensed up to the wonderful feeling they gave her. Heather fell on top of Jason very limp and began kissing him lustfully, while the men continue to fuck her.

Then she felt Steve rock himself intensely. His pants and grunts quickened, Heather could tell he was coming close. He bucked himself very intensely when he gave one deepening thrust and came inside her ass.

Heather fluttered her eyes closed, as she savored the feeling of Steve’s orgasm. She loved the pulsation of his cock, as he filled her ass with his white hot cum. When Steve was spent, he pulled himself out of her ass, unconcerned about his cum leaking out and onto Jason’s cock.

Jason didn’t seemed bothered. He continued fucking her, and Manny moved himself behind her, where she felt his cock stretching her tight hole again.

Manny didn’t need any lube, since Steve’s cum helped with his entry. She was once again filled with two cocks, and this time the men were causing the second wave of pleasure to grow inside her.

The men continued to pound her. Heather felt the feeling building inside her. When she let out her second orgasm, the feeling was more intense than the first one. She heard the men howl out of pleasure as they came inside her, filling both of her holes with their hot cum. The feeling couldn’t get any better. Heather received the triple satisfaction from the three men, in exchange of giving her multiple satisfactions to come.

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