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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mènage Shorts - 12/09/2015: In the Dark Room

Welcome. I'm so excited about writing my first one. I wanted to make it scorching hot.

Better get yourself situated for a delicious short.

Karina was instructed to stand in a dark room naked to await for instructions. It was what she was told. She could only anticipate what was going to happen to her, and yet she felt excited about it.

She stripped down to just her Chantilly-laced stockings and high heels and opened the door, when she entered the dark room. When she turned and closed the door behind her, she suddenly felt the heat of someone’s body behind her, and then her mouth suddenly covered to muffle her scream. She almost screamed, until she heard a man’s voice – a very familiar voice.

“Hello Karina, it feels good to be this close to you.”

She widened her eyes when responded in her soft, husky voice, “Diego.”

Karina was suddenly calmed. Diego was an old friend she used to hang out in high school. She hadn’t seen them in over fifteen years; when they were teenagers. Diego and his friend, Jacob, would hang out with her, experimenting with each other, until one day when her parents were out of the house she invited them to over to have a threesome. She had always wanted to experience one, before she graduated college, but her parents busted them in her room, and since then she hadn’t heard from them until years later.

“Yes, in the flesh,” His hands reached around her body and cupped her tits together with one sweep. “And while we’re on the subject of flesh, you still have that amazing body.”

Karina could feel her knees weakening, and a moisture was beginning to build in her core. She remembered the last time she felt that touch her parents caught them ready to have sex.

“Your hands, they feel really good.”

“You remembered Jacob, don’t you?”

She wondered where he was. Could he see her? Then she felt another set of hands along the side of her curves, and the heat of his body in front of her.

“Oh yes, her body, so nice,” Jacob growled softly, then he placed his hand under her slit. His fingers felt her dampen heat. “And just as wet when I first touched you years ago.”

Karina was in a wanton-like trance. Her body surrendered to their groping. She couldn’t help but arch out her ass against Diego’s cock, as she leaned in and kissed Jacob in the lips. Their kisses were very passionate; enough to make her delicious aches grow with need. She needed one of them to be inside of her.

Then she spoke in her kisses. “I want to feel one of you fuck me right now!”

Diego growled. He was more than happy to fuck her. “Oh yeah, hold still,” he said when he bent her over and rubbed the tip of his dick against her slit. “Oh yes, she’s very wet.”

He pushed in with one full thrust, causing Karina to gasp out of pleasure. She felt him moving in and out of her pussy, while her hand was over Jacob’s cock. Her thumb caressed the tip of Jacob’s shaft, and her kisses were very demanding. Karina loved how Jacob was able to pull her kisses in more. She needed it, loved it. Karina was so wet, she felt Diego’s thrusts move with absolute speed and fury, along with his guttural sounds of pleasure.

Karina broke her kiss and moved her mouth to Jacob’s shaft. She took him in. Her mouth was filled by his entire length, coating him with her saliva.

Meanwhile, Diego was pounding her. Her ass was smacking. Her moans increased, causing her to take Jacob’s cock out of her mouth to let out her cries of pleasure.

Then Diego slowed his thrusts. He pushed in deep – deliciously deep inside her and let out a growl, as she savored his entire length inside her.

“Jacob, are you to fuck her.”

“Oh yeah,” Jacob growled enthusiastically.

Karina was very excited. She couldn’t help fingering herself after Diego slipped out of her. She was so wet, her fingers were coated from her own juices. She stood up, rubbing herself, waiting to feel Jacob’s cock inside her.

She felt herself being supported by Diego, while she felt one of her legs being lifted over Jacob’s waist. Then she felt his hardness against her, as it found its way to her folds and slipping inside her. Karina could feel him stretching her more. Jacob was very thick, thicker than Diego – fuck, he felt so good!

His thrusts began nice and slow, but Jacob couldn’t hold back from moving his hips. She was so wet, she could hear Jacob’s guttural sounds of pleasure increase as he pumped her. She placed her hand over his shoulder for support, and felt her body being rocked from his intense thrust. Then she heard something from Diego that made it more exciting.

She felt his breath over her ear when he asked, “Ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Yes,” she replied quickly. She knew where this was going, and she was excited about it.

“Want two men inside you?”

How could she refuse? She was more then willing and ready to receive these men inside her. The thought of it had her purring with pure desire, as she felt the head of his cock resting against her tight hole.
She felt herself being lifted up by Jacob, cradling her arms over Jacob. Karina felt Diego’s arm over her shoulder, and she almost tensed up when she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her asshole. Then she relaxed herself and allowed his entry. Once she was able to get used to his size, she felt his cock pushing further deep inside her.

She was finally sandwiched between two men, their cocks moved together in rhythm. Karina had longed dreamed to feel a moment like this, both men fucking her at the same time. Their thrusts were very intense, causing her to weaken between. She was succumbing to something she had never experienced before – a wave of pleasure that shook her body unlike any other. The movement of their cocks contributed; Jacob’s girth filling her pussy, while Diego was in her ass. The only thing that separated them was her thin wall of pleasure, and by God, Diego was really taking her there.

She let out a cry of pleasure, as her orgasm ripped through her body. She fell limp between these godly men, as their cocks continued to fill her. Then felt Jacob’s cock throbbing. He straightened himself inside her, as deep as he could and let out his release. His pants and grunts intensified, while Karina felt him twitching inside her, filling her cunt with his white hot cum.

“Fuck, that feels good!” Karina expressed, when her lips found Jacobs, kissing him so hungrily, she sucked in the bottom of his lip.

Jacob’s cock fell out of her, once he was spent. Karina tried to hold his remains inside of her, but she couldn’t. She could feel his cum drip out of her, while Diego pumped her ass.

She was still supported by Jacob’s hold, while Diego fucked her furiously until he let out his cry of pleasure. She felt his thrusts intensifying, and then his howls filled her ears when she felt his cock twitching inside her.

Karina purred, “Yes, that’s right. Let me feel that hot cum in my ass.”

Indeed, she did. Karina felt Diego fill her ass with his seed. She loved how his cock pulsated inside her ass, until he pumped the last drop of cum inside her ass. When Diego pulled himself out of her, the men had set her down on her feet.

Karina was in pure disbelief over what happened to her. She felt the men leave trails of kisses, and then a knock on the door, instructing them to come out of the dark room.

“I had a lot of fun, but I don’t want to leave.” Karina said.

“Neither do we,” Jacob said.

“We can go another round together in the shower.” Diego suggested.


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