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Friday, December 18, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/18/2015: The Beast Within

Happy Friday everyone. 

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

I'm not into writing any shape-shifting; it's not my thing, but I'm writing something close enough to it.

Here is my flash.


Lexi looked into the eyes she was making love to. The way he held her body as he fucked her, she was taken to a world of ecstasy, and what she noticed in front of her was a man with long dark hair and piercing dark eyes. He displayed a look of determination – determined to please her, but what she also noticed was the beast within.

His thrusts picked up with speed, and Lexi felt his fingers pressing deep along the side of her curves. She was in a pure rapture of lust, but she witness something quite disturbing – his face changing into something else.

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  1. Very hot and spicy!! I loved this and the direction it was going in. Needs to be more of what becomes of these two. Awesome flash!!

  2. Fab flash. It would be a tad disconcerting for this to happen during sex, lol. :-)

  3. you never fail to surprise and entertain in the best way possible