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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Erotic Short Story- 12/05/2015: Kareem and Madeline

A short erotic story in 2142 words about late morning sex. 

Kareem woke up late Saturday morning, only to find Madeline, standing outside in the balcony wearing a very sexy outfit that gave him an eye opener – a black bra with a matching colored thong which accentuated her sexy appearance. In addition, she had on a pair of striped stockings that extended down to her black pumps. Madeline was a look of lust that Kareem couldn’t keep his eyes off of. She had long brown hair that extended down to her shoulders and womanly curves that left Kareem’s mouth open.

Madeline was such a tease. She waved at him when she saw him sitting up on his bed. Then she turned around to show her the rest of her appearance. Kareem couldn’t help noticing her shapely ass, as she leaned over the wooden railing of the balcony. It was a good thing they lived in a wooded place where they didn’t have any neighbors living behind them, otherwise they would attract too much attention.

She turned her head over and gave a naughty smile. Madeline placed her hand over her ass cheek and gave it a soft caress for Kareem to watch. Then she placed both her hands on the deck railing and began wiggling her ass slowly. Kareem watched like a hungry wolf, salivating over her.

Then she bent over more, The only thing that stood in way of both her holes was her black stringy thong. He felt his dick growing under his boxer shorts. All the dirty thoughts were now running through his mind, and to start his day right he needed have her in bed, naked.

Then Madeline turned herself to face him and done the most daring thing ever. She pulled her bra over her perky breasts and showed her pert nipples at him. Kareem’s eyes widened with amazement, thinking to himself that she was very daring to strip in broad daylight. It was a good thing that they didn’t have neighbors around them.

She reached around her back and unhooked her bra. Madeline unhooked her bra and set it over a chair. Then she turned herself around and bent over when she slowly took off her thong. She bent herself more, showing Kareem her pussy and ass, when she slid them down to her ankles. This naughty tease had Kareem hard and ready. It was time to bring her in.

He got out of bed, slipping his hand inside his boxers to hold himself in his hand. He was hard and ready for her. He loved how Madeline shaved herself nice and clean. When he slid the door open, he stepped out into the sunlight and watched Madeline, as she placed her fingers naughtily between her slit.

She looked sexy fingering herself. Kareem loved how she worked herself up to pleasure, and to add more to her naughtiness she moved her fingers from her slit over to her lips. She inserted her fingers in her mouth and gave Kareem a seductive expression, while she moaned in delight.

She slowly pulled her fingers out of her mouth and grinned at him, when she spoke in a soft British accent. “Good morning, Kareem. How did you enjoy to waking up to something like that?”

Kareem narrowed his eyes and gave a wide grin. He loved what she did. The way she teased him from the balcony had him hard and ready, and dying to fuck her.

“You’ve awoken the beast, my love.”

She placed her hand over his darkened chest, admiring the way his chiseled pecs and abs felt in her hand. “Why don’t you take out that lovely beast of yours? I’m just wet thinking of you.”

Kareem growled seductively. He happily obliged at her request when he pulled down his shorts and let them fall down his legs. His hardness was pointing at her; Madeline quickly palmed him in her hand, before she leaned in to give him a kiss.

She kissed him hungrily. Kareem felt his bottom lip being sucked in, while his shaft was massaged in her hand. The feeling was very wonderful.

Then she spoke in between her kisses. “Mmm, you’re making me very horny for you. What do you say we go inside?”

The sun was pretty warm, baking against them. Kareem would stay out with Madeline and fuck her under the sun, but the sun was beating against them, added with the fueled lust, they need to go indoors, where they could get naughtier.

Kareem led her back inside. He slid opened the door and let her in. The way her ass wobbled from each step, Kareem couldn’t help but smacking it playfully.

He slid the door closed. Kareem waited for Madeline to turn around, when she placed her arms over his darkened shoulders. The two looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. Their kiss began slow, and then moved into something very passionate. He loved the way Madeline kissed him. He felt the slip of her tongue in her mouth, while it swirled inside. Her kisses were very lustful and demanding; Kareem couldn’t recall the last time she ever kissed him like that.

His hands made its way down to her ass. Kareem, with one full grab, gave her ass cheeks a nice squeeze. She then guided his hands to the side of her curves, where he caressed them, but he couldn’t help moving his hands to the back of her ass, loving the way it squeezed in his hand.

The two continued to kiss wildly. The way their tongues moved together had him so worked up, he motioned her to get on the bed and part her legs for his taste of her.

Madeline happily obliged. She sat on the bed and lied on her back, parting her legs for him to make his move on her. Kareem dove in, without hesitation, targeting her clit, while she moaned sensuously. His tongue moved skillfully around her center. Kareem gave her wonderful sensations that she was grinding her pussy against his face, placing her hand over his head.

Her moans increased. Madeline’s chest rose and fell like rapidly. Kareem continued assaulting her clit, filling her body with pure ecstasy. He pressed his tongue inside her folds, tasting her flavor. Madeline, in the background, continued to moan while she grinded her hips intensely. He looked up and noticed her caressing her breasts with one hand; her other hand was over her thigh. Kareem pressed his tongue against her clit, with the pure determination to make her cum. Her moans grew louder; Madeline indicated she was coming close. Then her moans transformed into a very erotic noise, filling the room with her orgasm. Kareem was able to make her reach that point of pleasure. He prided himself, knowing he was able to make her feel that way.

When Madeline’s orgasm passed, the two switch positions, where Kareem was lying on his back and Madeline moved herself below his waist, holding his length in her hand. Her lips found its way to her balls, where she extended out her tongue and began licking them slowly.

Kareem closed his eyes and savored the intense pleasure Madeline was giving him. Her eyes met his, as she gave him a very naughty gaze. She ran her tongue up and down on his shaft, leaving wet trails of kisses. Madeline then took him in her mouth, as she sucked him nice and slow.

Her lips enveloped over his shaft. Kareem felt like he was in heaven, by the way she pleased him. His eyes moved to the rest of her body, admiring the way she arched her ass up. If only he could reach his hand behind her ass.

She managed to work his shaft in her mouth, at the same time, stroking him nice and slow. Kareem uttered a groan of pleasure, when he closed his eyes. He could lie there and be pleasured, but being in her mouth only gave enough satisfaction; he needed to be inside her.

“Get on top of me. I want to fuck you right now,” Kareem said when he raised his head up.

Madeline purred when she straddled herself on top of him, and held his length in her hand, as she guided him inside of her. She wanted him so bad, at the moment he was nice and deep inside her, Madeline let out a soft cry of pleasure and rolled her hips intensely, as she rolled her head back.

Kareem moved himself in and out of her pussy. He placed his hands on each side of her curves, while giving her ass cheek a firm slap. He couldn’t help it; he loved the way her ass sounded when he smacked it. Madeline moved herself up and down his shaft. Kareem sunk his fingers in her ass cheeks, savoring the intense pleasure of being inside her.

He held her body close, and then gave her a nice deep thrust inside of her. Kareem continued moving in and out of her, until his cock slipped out of her, causing Madeline to give a pouty expression. She really loved the feeling of him being inside of her. She guided him back inside her, and immediately, she was bouncing up and down on his cock.

Kareem and Madeline exchanged pants together. She collapsed herself on top of him and kissed his lips. Her kisses were ravenous. She continued gyrating her hips, and Kareem’s kisses moved the side of her neck, leaving wet licks as it aroused her more. Madeline continued to move herself up and down on his shaft, until she stop and clenched herself around his cock.

She looked into his eyes and noticed a waken expression. Kareem loved how she was able to put him under a lustful spell. Her pussy felt so good; he was very hard inside of her.

Then Madeline requested, “I want you to fuck me from behind, and don’t stop until I feel you cum inside me.”

Kareem narrowed his eyes wickedly. He was ready to give her what she needed. She was a woman who really enjoyed having sex. She got off of him, and the two quickly switched positions, where Madeline was on her hands and knees waiting for Kareem to enter her from behind. He was so full of lust, he couldn’t help grabbing her hips and burying his face between her ass, when he licked her center. Her hand reached behind her and touched his head. Kareem penetrated her with his tongue, causing her to gasp in ecstasy. All this licking caused him to grow with pure excitement. He raised his head, held her by her hips and shoved himself inside her, fucking her hard and fast.

He rammed himself, causing her ass to smack against his hips. Kareem pounded her, as he placed his arm over her shoulder, pulling her along with his thrusts. His hands were on each side of her hips. Madeline turned her head back towards him, looking at him as he pounded her from behind. Then his thrusts moved so nice and deep, she couldn’t help placing her hand over his wrist to take in suck a deep fucking. Kareem’s size pushed in her so intense, she literally collapsed on the bed crying out of pleasure. Madeline couldn’t help fingering herself.

The view of Madeline fingering herself looked so hot, Kareem couldn’t help pumping her with his strokes. His fingers gripped along her waist; Madeline was screaming out of pleasure. Kareem’s body was drenched with sweat, it dripped all over her ass as he huffed a familiar sound with the indication of him coming close.

Then he growled, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

“Fucking let it rip!” She screamed; Madeline was reaching another climax.

Kareem gave one last shove in her pussy when he came inside her. He was in deep – deliciously deep inside her, pumping her with all of his cum. The feeling of his orgasm was so intense, it gave Madeline a second wave of pleasure, causing her to match his noise with her noise of pleasure. Fuck, it was so intense.

When Kareem was spent, he couldn’t help collapse on top of her, leaving wet trails of kisses on her back. He pulled himself out of her and lied down on his back to catch some air. All he could now think of was how wonderful the sex was.

Then Madeline moved herself on top of Kareem, with a naughty grin, while she ran her fingers over his chest. “You were fucking amazing!”

Kareem grinned, knowing he was able to satisfy her. The two remained still until their eyes closed. They didn’t realize they fell asleep, until they woke up a couple of hours later. It was the most wonderful sex they had in a long time. They should do it again; Kareem was sure Madeline wouldn’t mind. 

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