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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/24/2015: Is This For Real Or Just Another Dream?

Happy Tuesday. I hope you're having a good one. 

Today, I have a little naughty snippet to get you worked up.

How about a triple girl scene?


Was he dreaming, or was it real? Owen had woken up to an ultimate man fantasy scene, where he was witnessing two ginger women making out together, their tongues touching each other sensuously while their eyes fluttered closed.

Owen could imagine the heavenly feeling between them. The way they moved their tongues around, left him wondering what one of them tasted like. They way the explored each other left him hard and wanting. The amazing part is that he was all alone with these women, and they were willing to explore each other in front of him.

Then the third woman appeared between them. She had the same color of hair that extended down to her neck, and very expressive green eyes when she placed her hands on each of their naked bodies. She playfully asked, “Mind if I join in?”

The women didn’t protest, nor did they ever stop. The third woman joined in, and now there were three women making out together. Their tongues touched each other, which gave an erotic scene for Owen to watch. He had to be dreaming, these women were making out together, naked, in front of him, and they hadn’t acknowledged him watching, or were they?

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  1. Excellent and very erotic tease, Ray. Would love to know if it was real

  2. Well, if he is dreaming, that's one hot dream! Great tease, Ray :-)