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Monday, November 30, 2015

Welcome to the World! OUT Now!! Three New Holiday Books by Pablo Michaels @pablomichaels1 ~ Release Blitz

          Secret Santa                   Little Old St. Nick              The Christmas Car
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The Secret Santa
Pablo Michaels
ISBN: 978-0-9943462-8-5
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Waking amidst a cloud of white powder, Devon cannot believe what he beheld, an image of his childhood fantasy, a skimpily dressed hunk, portraying Santa Claus. The Secret Santa, Erik, taunts Devon with erotic gestures in conveying Santa’s message for Devon to be enlisted as a Secret Santa. Devon must perform certain tasks to prove his love and loyalty to his lover, Peter. Continuously appearing and vanishing in a shroud of white powder, Erik guides Devon along his path to attain his goal. But Erik tempts him sexually, especially when Devon is exercising to perfect his body for Peter on Christmas Day. Devon attempts to tell Peter about the mysterious Secret Santa but receives a disbelieving response. Through all the temptations and with approach of the big day, how does Peter react to the surprise Christmas Eve party which he did not want? Does Devon prove his love and loyalty to Peter?


 Devon jolted awake from a deep sleep. Opening his eyes, slowly, he focused through a plume of twinkling, white powder to a stranger standing at the foot of the bed. He thought he was imagining this six foot tall man, sculpted like a Greek god. His head was adorned with a red and white Santa hat. His trimmed, snowy white beard blended with the long hair cascading down to his ivory, cropped hairy chest. Scrutinizing him more thoroughly, he realized he was not an apparition but real. Devon’s penis surged into erection, as he stared at the fluffy, red jockstrap, accenting the large bulge beneath. He couldn’t ignore the black leather suspenders attached to the waistband of the Christmas themed loin cloth and the shiny, dark, leather boots, stretching to his knees. He never imagined Santa Claus would excite him as this man did.
“Who are you?” Devon gasped, accelerating his curiosity into unfamiliar fantasies. 
“Don’t you recognize me, Devon?” The man bellowed a hearty laugh.
“You look like the Santa Claus from my childhood memories.” Devon mumbled, secretively.
“Have you given up on the true spirit of Christmas?” The Santa Claus imposter smiled and sat at the edge of the bed next to Devon.  
Devon’s right hand brushed a few strands of his unruly hair from his eyes. Becoming more alert, he focused his eyes more from the previous distorted vision. He turned to wake Peter, but his partner was gone. 
“Peter left an hour ago.  Don’t you remember he had to work early?”
“How do you know our names?”
“You still don’t believe?” The man smiled, his sparkling, cobalt blue eyes radiating erotic warmth.     
“You can’t be the real Santa Claus,” Devon insisted.
“You’re just not. For one, you can’t be real.”
“Oh, I am real. Want to touch?” The man extended his muscular arm within Devon’s reach.
Devon wrapped his two hands around his biceps. “Okay. So you are real. Man, are you really real. But you are not Santa Claus.”
”Well…-no.  But I’m a special assistant, assigned to help him.”
“You’re one of his elves, then?”
“No. Look at me. Do I really look like an elf?”
“Yeah right. You can’t be one of Santa’s elves. You’re too big. And the size of that bulge beneath your very revealing jockstrap would definitely eliminate you.” 
 “I’m a Secret Santa. I was sent here to rekindle your love and happiness.” The secret assistant edged closer, the bulge in his pouch becoming more pronounced.
“Did the real Santa Claus send you to seduce me?”
“Oh; no, no, no!  You’ve been selected to be a Secret Santa, like me.” He shimmied next to Devon, until there was physical contact between them. “I’ll teach you how to become a Secret Santa. I’ll reignite the fire of your passion with an exceptional power found in a special recipe from the North Pole’s almighty vault. Ultimately, Peter’s happiness will be restored.” He stooped, rubbing his broad shoulders against Devon’s chest. He looked up at Devon and smiled.
“I’m getting aroused? This shouldn’t be happening, if you were sent by the real Santa.”
“I’m only testing you, and your love for Peter. And to evaluate your qualifications.” He set his hand on Devon’s thigh, massaging it, firmly.
“A test? This is the worst temptation I’ve had in years. What’s your name?”
“It will get easier,” he spoke softly, continuing to grope his leg. “I’m Erik, of Nordic descent.”
Little Old St. Nick

“Is sex before dinner with Little Old St. Nick the true meaning of Christmas?”

Jonathan and Prescott have a fairy tale relationship until one year when they hit rock bottom. A last ditch effort by Prescott to decorate for the holidays accompanied by their next door older neighbor’s kinky gifts and a Christmas dinner. Jacob has the appearance of a little old ST. Nick. His efforts help Jonathan and Prescott resolve their problems. Years later Jonathan has the same opportunity to help their neighbors by playing the role of Little Old St. Nick. Does sex before Christmas dinner play an important part of Christmas to Little Old St. Nick? 


Jonathan and Prescott lived a fairy tale romance, especially during the holiday season. They loved each other with devotion, never expressing jealousy. They were both very handsome men and took pride in their grooming, never to allow sloppiness to enter their lifestyle. Every year, they celebrated Christmas and the holidays with unusual and exotic festivities.   Jonathan studied the display of twinkling, multi-colored lights he had strung on the on the Christmas tree. Looks good. But lacks something. Ah, yes, the ornaments, of course. I’m so glad we collected our ornaments from all over the world. They’re our memories of our fabulous trips. I can remember where we got that hand-blown glass one. Let me look for it. It was from Germany. The colors in it are so beautiful. It is so amazing how the lights dazzle you as they reflect through it. He unwrapped the ornaments, carefully setting them aside to hang, momentarily. Here it is. He hung the ornament and watched the lights filter through the various hues of glass.   Ah, yes. Just as I remembered it. He continued to hang the ornaments on the tree.
   Upon finishing the decorating, Jonathan sat in the windowsill, inspecting the tree for any empty spaces. He found the tree adequately filled with enough ornaments. He turned and watched the snow fall on the tall spruce tree in the front yard. It had cloaked the tree, the lights he had strung almost disappearing. Our yard looks so nice, the tree lit up and the eaves of the roof sparkling brightly with all the colors. It will be so nice to have all our friends and family here for the party. Everyone seems to enjoy it. I am so glad that the food we collected for the needy will help out this year. Times have been rough and people need food, especially on Christmas. I hope Prescott likes the presents I give him this year. It wasn’t easy finding things original. I think he will be so hot in that see through jock strap. He has such a nice dick. The way tapers to a big bulging crown when it’s hard. I love our sexual romp in bed while the prime rib cooks for Christmas Day dinner. I love the holidays. It’s so festive.
   He watched a UPS truck pull up. The man jumped out with a bundle of packages for their neighbor across the street, Jacob. Our Little Old St. Nick has been remembered. I wonder who started calling him that. Prescott or me? But he does look like Santa. His little pot belly, that snow white hair and beard. Even his eyes sparkle when he laughs. He’s such a dirty old man, though. I love his stories with Rosa. He tells us everything that goes on with her. Even their sexual escapades. He’s funny. He has certainly enjoyed our Christmas dinners. I hope we have his strong sexual drive when we’re his age. He made us laugh that time he gave us a box of condoms. He brings us mistletoe each year and begs to watch us kiss. I suppose that is why we call him Little Old St. Nick.   The UPS man drove his truck down the street. Jonathan continued to watch the snow pile up again on the street, remembering their Christmas morning event. First, we open our stockings. Then, we rush to the Community Center and feed a hot meal to the homeless for the annual Christmas Feast. We donate coats and sweaters.  We’re not quite as guilty for having prime rib and spending money on lavish gifts for ourselves.
   But it was not always a season of joy and harmony. Back in the first years of their relationship, they did not have it so good. Jonathan was unemployed. They lived each day on a dwindling budget; they barely had enough food for Christmas Day dinner.

The Christmas Card

Billie hands his partner, Glenn, his Christmas card, a picture of them in scant underwear taken years before when their bodies were younger. Billie requests they undress and get into the same underwear, depicted on the cover of the card for a night of frolic. When the Christmas carols begin to play on the stereo, Glenn is surprised by the four bartenders from the new bar, My Man cave, holding large Christmas ornaments in front of their naked bodies to assist in decorating for Christmas. The a little later, there is a knock at the dining room door. The salesman from the Christmas tree lot delivers their tree without any clothes. Finally, their hunky neighbor arrives in a Santa suit to help celebrate in the festivities. Can Glenn hold out for the final celebration in bed with Billie?


“Open this and you’ll find out how I’m trying to be good this year.” Billie handed Glenn an envelope.
Glenn opened a Christmas card. “Oh, no. This is the picture of our first Christmas together. You were really devious that year. ” But he was still suspicious of Billie’s intentions. “Where’d you find this picture?”
“Never mind. Why don’t you give me a kiss? Just like you did under that mistletoe in the picture?”
“You have to wear some underwear like you did that day."
“That’s a definite possibility when we get home. But only if you wear a red jockstrap.”
Glenn ignored his comment, studying the cover of the card more carefully, while Billie paid the waiter.  
On the drive home from the restaurant, Glenn reminisced over the first Christmas they had spent together fifteen years ago. Billie had hung mistletoe from a eucalyptus tree limb in the backyard of the house. He knew Billie had saved those Santa hats. They took pictures of each other, grasping a branch that suspended horizontally, dressed in only red Santa hats and festive underwear, Glenn in his red jockstrap and Billie in thin, red silky briefs. Of course, that was many years before when they were much younger, very much in love, and willing to do almost anything sexually bold.
“I suppose you hung mistletoe from a tree in our backyard?”
“No, but there is some hanging above the steps in the dining room. We can take pictures again for our Christmas cards next year.” Billie parked the car in front of their house.
“I don’t think so. Not at our age. I don’t think our friends would be thrilled by me in a jockstrap.”
“You’d be surprised. You’re still very sexy.”
They walked into the house, everything was festive inside, except the tree which had yet to be decorated.
"How much did you have to beg or do for whoever helped you for your Christmas gift?" Glenn opened the card again. He remembered the chill of the cold December air rushing around and through him, especially since he had been dressed only in his seasonal, red and white jockstrap that first Christmas. "I’m getting cold just thinking of that first Christmas."
"Not a thing, when I said it was for you. Don't you think I'd be sizzling hot in a pair of underwear you like so much?" Billie bragged about the low-cut red briefs he had worn that year, purposely to taunt him. Glenn preferred the satin-smooth nylon fabric.  The thin silk-like fabric aroused him. He liked to feel Billie’s dick hardening through the flimsy underwear. "Yes, you would look enticing. I don’t believe your gift didn’t cost anything.”
“I’ll be right back.” Billie interrupted him, escaping from Glenn’s inquisition, rushing to their bedroom. He quickly shed all his clothes and pulled out a pair of red boy shorts from the drawer in the dresser. The material was thin and soft to the touch. I know he’ll like these. He slipped them on and put on the familiar Santa hat. He pulled out a red jockstrap for Glenn and placed it on the bed next to the other Santa hat.
As he entered the living room, Billie flaunted his attire.

About the Author:

Pablo Michaels disguised himself as a shy, friendly heterosexual during his adolescence, fantasizing other males. Falling in love with another man his first year in college, he followed him to another university to maintain their platonic love, while he continued in his in studies. When he had his first sexual encounter with another man, just before turning twenty-one, he exploded into gay life with lust and anger. He attempted to live his new life naturally, seeking love, ignoring the statistics of the books he read on homosexuality in high school, and proving what he had read was wrong.
He wrote poetry and stories since third grade. When he turned twenty-one, he moved to San Francisco to work and write, experiencing more of gay life. In the 1980's he wrote every chance he had, trying and failing miserably at publishing mainstream fiction. He published his first story in 1986 in a literary magazine.
After writing plays, short stories, poetry, and two novels, he began writing gay genre stories, since he had more knowledge and experience with gay lifestyle. Trying to publish, he went to a library seminar hosted by two published authors. Inspired by the gay writer, Scott Kemble he connected with him on the internet site for The San Francisco Bay Area Literary Arts Newsletter and Review, which published four of Pablo's short stories.
Feverously writing since 2004, he published his first e-book, “Pagan Knights of Cambria“ with Life of Riley Productions in London. Soon a mainstream story, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again Hooray", published also. In 2012 Pablo self-published his first novel, "Catnip, Rosemary, Rage and Time", combining mystery and humor in a gay, erotic romance. He continues to write more episodes in his next novel, The Deer in the Forest The plot spreads over several decades, about a man's attempts to adapt to the world he lives, all with love, heartache, history and survival at no cost. 
His latest article, Why Gay Men Retire to Palm Springs, was just published in the very popular online magazine. You can read the insightful article here. 
Pablo retired from gardening and landscaping to devote his energy to write fiction. As a gay man he wishes to promote his writing in the fictional, gay genre to help others understand the necessity for equal rights for LGBT people and comprehend that love between a man and a man, people of the same sex, is as natural as love between a man and a woman. Throughout his lifetime he has experienced the long battle of achieving acceptance. He has searched for a committed relationship with another man. He has loved his partner for eighteen years. They were married legally in front of Harvey Milk's bust in the rotunda of San Francisco City Hall by a judge, in 2008. Although their marriage remained legal after the passage of Proposition 8, they continued to work to repeal DOMA and Prop. 8. Throughout his life he has attempted to live and practice peace as a process for living.
His book, Blood, Sweat and Black Leather, a gay paranormal romance, was published by Yellow Silk Dreams in January 2015. His Latest book, Affairs of Men’s Hearts, published in May 2015 by Yellow Silk Dreams is an anthology of four stories connected by the themes of gay men seeking love with another man, from wishful thinking male to male romances to gay marriage.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/27/2015: Darla's Movie Night

Happy Friday. I had a wonderful holiday, staying at home with my woman.
Here is a flash for Friday in 100 words.

Darla sat back on the sofa and watched her Netflix movie. She was now watching a fantasy scene between two men in beards, without shirts, embracing each other, as the man in the front held an apple in his hand.

She was now getting into the scene as the man leaned his lips over the man’s shoulder and left a wet kiss, until the door opened and Tyler walked inside with his friend, Jiro. They noticed what she was watching in the living room, and they were taken aback suddenly with an uncomfortable scene.

“Whoa,” Jiro said, “so much for watching MMA at your house tonight.”

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/24/2015: Is This For Real Or Just Another Dream?

Happy Tuesday. I hope you're having a good one. 

Today, I have a little naughty snippet to get you worked up.

How about a triple girl scene?


Was he dreaming, or was it real? Owen had woken up to an ultimate man fantasy scene, where he was witnessing two ginger women making out together, their tongues touching each other sensuously while their eyes fluttered closed.

Owen could imagine the heavenly feeling between them. The way they moved their tongues around, left him wondering what one of them tasted like. They way the explored each other left him hard and wanting. The amazing part is that he was all alone with these women, and they were willing to explore each other in front of him.

Then the third woman appeared between them. She had the same color of hair that extended down to her neck, and very expressive green eyes when she placed her hands on each of their naked bodies. She playfully asked, “Mind if I join in?”

The women didn’t protest, nor did they ever stop. The third woman joined in, and now there were three women making out together. Their tongues touched each other, which gave an erotic scene for Owen to watch. He had to be dreaming, these women were making out together, naked, in front of him, and they hadn’t acknowledged him watching, or were they?

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/20/2015 - The Fantasy of Denise

Happy Friday!

Here is a hot flash in 100 words to get your weekend aroused.


Denise was looking forward to be locked in a room with two unknown men. They were not only attractive, but willing to go along with whatever she said. She managed to have them around her, their wrists handcuffed together, while her breasts were each cupped by one of the men.

She encircled her arms over their heads and took the turn to kissing them. The men were so determined to steal her kisses, by the time she was making out with them at the same time, Denise noticed the men were making out together.

That is so hot! She thought to herself.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 11/17/2014: Darla Will Make It Better

 Happy Tuesday everyone. It's been a while since I wrote a snippet involving my two most
favorite characters - Darla & Tyler.

However, I'm a bit over on the count, because of the flow of the story.

Anyways, enjoy!

Tyler came home, and the first thing he did was to take off his tie, where he wanted to unwind, and forget about his shitty day at work. He walked in the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. He pulled out a bottle of water and closed the fridge. Tyler placed the bottle of water over his forehead and set the bottle down, placing his thumb and middle finger over his eyes. He’s had the worse headache of the day, and in order to make it go away, Tyler needed a pain relief.

He first checked the top of the fridge, looking for the bottle of aspirin, it wasn’t there. Then he rushed into the bathroom and checked the medicine cabinet. Nothing. Where the hell was the aspirin bottle? He barged in the bedroom, thinking it would be there. He noticed Darla lying on the bed, in her sexiest black lingerie reading something from her tablet. Tyler immediately paused to look at her. Then again, he couldn’t help noticing her shapely ass in a black thong and matching Chantilly-laced stockings. He almost forgot what he came in for.

“Hello Tyler,” Darla spoke in her husky voice.

“Oh man, you had to do this now. I have a headache from hell.”

Darla turned herself and sat up. She patted on the mattress beside her. “Why don’t you come sit to me, and I’ll make you feel better.”

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/13/2015: Cocktail Time

Happy Friday. It's time for a segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

“Wait right here,” Lisa went into the kitchen and came back with two mason jars topped with assortment of sweets.

“What’s this?” Darla asked.

“Drink up,” Lisa said. “It’s my version of a candy cocktail.”

“Candy cocktail?” Darla looked at the frozen drink. It was very colorful and enticing

“Yeah, give it a try.”

She held the straw in her fingertips and took a sip. She was intrigued of the delicious fruity flavor that hit her taste buds.

“Really good” She nodded. “What’s in there?”

“Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, tropical liqueur, sweet and sour—”

“Yum! It's like sex in my mouth.” She giggled.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/10/2015: Late Night

Happy Tuesday. Here is another Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser in 200 words, 
and I have very playful one.


“Here we are, alone in the street,” Camilla said when as she leaned in to kiss his lips.

Leo wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to his body. “I could stay out here and hold you until the sun comes up.”

“Me too. I love the way you keep holding me.” She leaned her head over his shoulder.

Then there was an air of silence. The streets were very quiet. Leo knew it was four thirty in the morning and the two had been out all night. The sun wasn’t set to rise for another two hours, and he felt his stomach rumbling.

“What do you say we go to your place and eat something.”

Camilla laughed when she raised her head. “Oh my god, I thought you wanted to wait until the sun comes up?”

“I would, if I wasn’t so hungry.”

“Hungry or horny?” she teased.

“You know what I mean. You’re a great cook, and you have me dreaming of your famous breakfast sandwiches.”

Camilla placed her hand over his chest. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll cook, but you’ll have to clean the dishes for me.”


“Naked with just your socks on.” 

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Going Back To My Indie Roots

Over the Summer of 2015, I came to the conclusion that I'm better off being an independent erotic author. The publisher I was with is not bad, and I love the number of people I enjoy getting to know and working with, but I know where my heart lies and that is to be an independent author, working for me.

I am very blessed to have a street team that has done a number of work for me, and I want to continue working with them. They are very supportive of my decision to be an indie author, where I have no pressure and work at my own pace, plus I learn there are benefits on being an indie author, especially in the erotic romance sector. 

One of the things I enjoy about being an indie author is I can work at my own pace. I don't have to answer to anyone but me. I feel I don't have to be pressured into generating a sale for the publisher, when I know I can do it for myself. I like working at a pace that I can work in. I don't mind paying for an editor and even for a cover designer, but at least I don't have to answer to my publisher if my book(s) don't sell.

Another thing that is a benefit to being an indie is leverage. Let's say I want to have people do reviews for me, or host a giveaway of my book. With some books, I'm in a breach of contract in doing so, and that is because I have to abide by the publishers' interest. With my own published books, I can do whatever I want, even get creative in hosting giveaways. I'm not saying publishers don't grant you the leverage; I just like having control of my own work.

While being an indie author can be challenging, it has given me experience for the last two years, when one of the publishers I was with disbanded in 2013. I had the luxury of independence, knowing I could go out there and sell my own work. I know that if I work at the pace I want and find the right connections, I can enjoy the work I do. 

Lately, I have a number of projects I want to do on my own. One of them is a series called The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez - Promiscuity & Success, which I'm planning to release in the Spring of 2016.

This story I have talked about it for a while. The story is about an emancipated woman who has a taste of promiscuity Meriesa Lopez, and a roommate from an affluent background who is beginning to find herself, Adela Giovanni, get into fun and mischief together when Adela decides to open a swingers club. Adela becomes successful, but Meriesa knows she is naive in over her head and she needs to focus on being away from attention. When Adela lands herself in some hot water, things get a little chaotic and Meriesa manages to bail her out, while she unintentionally lands herself in a world of scandal.

I feel really enthused about completing this project, and I can't wait to finish. Plus, going back to my indie roots has renewed me to strive for what I really want in my books and my covers, and everything involved with my work. I understand that not everyone can make it as an indie, but I've been on my own for a long time that I'm willing to take a chance - again. I thought by being with a publisher I would feel important, belonging to a family of authors who share the same interest, but I realized that I'm better off working alone.

I'm now going back to my roots.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/03/2015: A Double Experience

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. 
I can't believe it's November, and this year is almost over.

I have a very steamy snippet, where you'll have to take a shower to cool off


Mina felt Jerry’s hands over ass cheeks, as he parted them playfully, while she held his girth in his hand. Meanwhile, Max sat on the sofa with his shirt opened, holding himself in his hand, as he was waited anxiously to be inside her.

Jerry leaned in and left wet kisses into her neck. “Are you ready to handle both of us at the same time?”

Mina responded seductively, “I can hardly wait.”

“Sit on him,” he instructed. “I want you to feel both of us at once.”

Mina purred when she straddled herself over Max’s legs and felt the tip of his cock resting against her asshole. She lowered herself, and uttered a soft hiss as she slowly work him inside her ass. Once she was able to get accustomed to his size, Mina moved herself up and down on his shaft, allowing him to pull her against him, he lifted her legs to accommodate Jerry’s entry.

She watched anxiously as Jerry moved himself on top of her and pushed himself inside her causing her moans to deepen. She felt both of their cocks inside her. The feeling was fucking phenomenal

“How does it fee?” Jerry asked when nuzzled against her neck.

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