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Saturday, October 24, 2015

What I've Been Up To Lately

Sorry that I haven’t been on here, and I hate it when I don’t post anything new on my blog. I have been busy working a number of projects for my next release. One of them I am working on is an anthology – the last release for 2015, called Winterlust Tales.

Winterlust Tales features a number of short erotic stories, from m/f, to LGBT, to ménage. I’m debating between a number of six or seven short stories, but the book is almost in completion, where I’ll submit it to my editor shortly.

At the same time, I continue to write my dark erotic, and yes, it finally has a name: The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez: Promiscuity and Success. This book I’m writing has already got some hot scenes and an interesting plot. I’m writing a story that I’ve long wanted to write; lots of twists and drama, along with steamy sex scenes that you can’t get over. When I originally wrote the story in the spring, I had a different direction, but now the story has taken on a new direction, and I’m loving the plot to it so far.

Another project where I need to complete is the Love Out Of Lust Series. That’s right, I just got started on working on Part Six. This one will only be about Daryl and Marisol, as they go on a date together, for the first time. My intent to the story is supposed to be a very romantic novella; however, I couldn’t resist adding some drama in the mix, this time with Clarissa trying to heckle them with their happiness. Something wasn’t over between Marisol and Daryl, and Daryl will put the final nail on Clarissa when they’re confronted.

I’ve been more focused on completing the series, Love Out Of Lust, and as soon as I’m done with Part Eight, I would like to create a box set, which is wise to do, so everyone would get to enjoy the entire series, rather than having to wait for them.

Well, I’m off for the day. Time to make new friends as I head out to work. I want to wish you all a good weekend, and have a safe one.

Love and Y.T.,

Ray Sostre.

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