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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Re-Writing My Dark Erotic Novel - Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez with an Official Title: Promiscuity and Success.

Over the spring, I began working on Chateau Plasir, a dark erotic story that I began in 2012. When I wrote the story, I realized that there was more to explain in the story, and so I started with a prequel, but when someone beta-read my work last month and some good critiquing, I decided to go ahead and scrap the original story, because it felt dated and it was missing something (Thank you Elizabeth Bennett, if you're reading this). Therefore, I'm going to go ahead re-do the story and bring it to a more contemporary feel in the story, but the characters are in their late 20s and early 30s, moving the timeframe to the 2010's

I  want to write this story based on a porn star I was a fan of - Mariesa Arroyo. There was something unique about her, and aside of seeing her performance, I also had read some of her interviews, including seeing one interview from a documentary in 2004. I didn't want to write a life story of a porn star, but a parody about a woman in her early thirties who wants to live a fun, sophisticated, promiscuous lifestyle. Sex is something that she lives for. Her ways of making money does not include any prostitution, because I care about the character that much to explain, but she is a phone sex operator and she is fascinated with the desires of everyone.

I wanted to paint a very fun picture about her sexual adventures with both men and women, but I also wanted to create a character that has both angels and demons inside her; she's not perfect. The demonic side of her is how she pushes away the love interest of others. She is desired by men and women, including a young, naive woman with a potential to make something big for herself - a good friend and roommate, Adela Giovanni, but the dark side of her has a reason why she wouldn't settle for a relationship. As for her friend Adela Giovanni, who believes in true love, tries to convince her that there's more life than just sex, but Meriesa lifestyle quickly influences her to things that concern her.  It is up to Meriesa to steer her in the right direction of success.

This novel will be in the work, and I'm anticipating the completion of the story in 2016. What you will find int he story is something that is unusually different than others. It's a story that includes drama, comedy, romance, and lots of sex. This story will also feature some sexual themes, like bisexuality, menage, transgendered sex scenes, m/m, f/f, CFNM, femdom, and bondage

A cover will be unveiled as soon.

Stay tuned.

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