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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 10/06/2015: Alexa

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you're having a great day.

I have a naughty little piece in 762 words. It's a short erotic story about morning sex.


Alexa was in her bedroom slipping on her lingerie. As soon as she finished connecting the garter straps to her stockings, Alexa looked at herself against the wall mirror. She was ready to surprise her man in the morning with a sexy treat. She caressed herself, admiring the way her sexy outfit fit around her luscious curves.

She stepped out of her room and walked down the hallway, where she saw her Jason sitting on the sofa, holding the remote in his hand to change channels. When he looked over to her, Jason set his remote down and dropped his jaw, instantly admiring what she wore.

Alexa ran her hands through her long blonde hair, and gave him seductive grin while she enjoyed his stunned reaction. She had on a beautiful black corset which helped accentuate her busty figure, but wore no underwear where she revealed her nakedness below for him to see. She sauntered over to him seductively and told him how much she wanted him right now. Jason set his remote aside and stood up. He immediately slipped himself out of his boxer, since that was all he wore, and began kissing her lips.

She felt his hand move behind her head as her kisses were being pulled towards him. Alexa loved the way his tongue moved inside her mouth, dancing along with hers while she felt his fingers finding its way into her folds.

He broke his kiss and pressed his fingers in her. His other hand was wrapped around her ass, squeezing her beautiful soft flesh as she let out a very soft gasp. He whispered something seductive in her ear; something that got her hot and bothered. Alexa loved the way his voice sounded when he was aroused. He whispered dirty things that had her dripping wet and ready to fuck.

She took control when she instructed to get on the sofa, and Jason returned a wicked grin, obliging to her request as he sat down and waited for her to get on top of him.

She got on the sofa and straddled herself between his legs. Her hand was on his shaft. Alexa rubbed it and watched his expression changed from wicked grin to a wanton expression as she raised herself and guided him inside her. When she lowered herself, the two let out a deepening gasp of pleasure. She moved herself up and down on his shaft, taking in his inch as she savored the feeling of him stretching her walls of pleasure.

Alexa leaned over and kissed him lustfully, gyrating her hips intensely while she felt his hands placed along the side of her curves. As the two developed a rhythm, Alexa and Jason were meeting each other’s thrust, causing Alexa to moan loudly in the room. She tried effortlessly to balance herself on the sofa, while Jason pounded her with his strokes.

During mid-orgasm, she felt his hand move from the side of her curves and his fingers in front of her corset, unzipping it to allow her breast fall free. While she bounced on his cock, Jason’s mouth found one of her nipples and began sucking on them, causing her moans to continue.

Alexa fluttered her eyes close and her face contorted to the delicious feeling that Jason was giving her. She rolled her hips intensely, while she enjoyed another feeling Jason was giving her – he was smacking her ass – nice and hard. It aroused her more; Alexa could feel a wave of pleasure building rising inside her. His girth inside her and his smacks on her ass, along with his licks on her breasts added fuel to her eroticism. Alexa quickly climaxed, filling the living room with her most erotic noise.

She immediately surrendered her body into Jason’s arms. He was pumping her furiously as she waited for him to reach his climax. She whispered dirty words in his ears, saying encouraging things that will make him hot inside her. It was working, his pants and grunts were growing louder; Alexa continued. Then Jason let out a howl as he straightened himself inside her. Alexa could feel his intensity; he was reaching his peak as she felt his cock throbbed inside her, releasing his hot seed inside her.

Alexa then nibbled at his ear, enjoying the feeling of his climax. He was wonderful; a man who could please in no time. When he breathing evened out, Alexa faced him and leaned in to kiss him lustfully, expressing how she felt about him and how much he satisfied her need.

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