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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness 2015 Erotic Poem: Size, Cups, and Shapes May Vary

First of all, I'm not much of a poet. 
I'm an erotic romance author that likes to write the most steamiest scenes.

Writing erotica is my passion, and yes, I love a curvaceous woman, but in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, I'm going to post something that should've been addressed four years ago, on my blog, when I first wrote it.

Back then, I didn't think of it, because I was more concerned about HIV/AIDS Awareness, and this poem I wrote in 2011, was in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, but I never fully understood the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness until recently, and I want to thank a fellow staff member Tracey Lou Parker for reminding me why this is important. I lost a few friends and a family member to AIDS, and as much of it is important to me, I want to make it important for you too.

Please forgive me, as I want to show support, but I've been pre-occupied with other things.

I'm not a poet, and I commence erotic poets or any poet, but I felt I should share this on my blog and everywhere else. When I wrote this poem in 2011, I didn't know it had significance, but it wasn't until now.

Thank you for understanding -- Ray Sostre

Under your shirt or in your bra
From a lacy black to an electric blue
Maybe a red would do
It’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day
Or perhaps purple with an embroidery lace
How about silky white, oh so bright.
It will blend all day and night.

Oh so many uses with them thang-thangs
Seduce him
Seduce her
Jiggle it
Wiggle it
Kiss it
Slide between them with a wet tongue
Or a hard cock
Maybe an ice cube
Or just his hot juices
Fingers can be pressed against her display
And let the games of tenderness play
From the palm of the hand
To the nipples in someone’s mouth

From a wet t-shirt contest
To just a simple wet kiss
Raise your shirt up and let them bounce
Don’t be ashamed of your small size
You too get the love I won’t lie.
Wear a bikini
Or in a lingerie
A hot corset in black, pink, or blue
Ooo baby…. Ooo!

Show me your cleavage
And show me your strength
I seek the pride of a voluptuous one
I seek the potential of the small-chested one
From A to a G; most commonly double D
She is all woman; that’s all she can be.

A man may never know her name
But he will remember her eyes
He’ll buy you a drink
Or ask for the time of the day
Yes, he can look, but he can’t touch
Cross the line boy and she’ll make you feel it.
Nothing sexually, just wrathfully.

But what if he was a she?
Would she let her look and let her touch
Or would she probably knock her out with one punch.
I guess it depends. 
This is a question that doesn’t end.

She likes to wake up with tender touches
Or maybe she likes it rough
The art of intimacy begins there
Something soft, cool, and luscious
Mmm…. can you smell the foreplay coming?

From the petite to he curvaceous
You are appreciated
Whether you spend at JC’s or Secrets
You sure can make an appearance.
From Fifth Avenue to Main Street
You are always noticed
From the nightclub or the bedroom
You dominate the scene
From the bottom to the top
This author appreciates you
I bring no discrimination here because…

Size, Cups, and Shapes May Vary

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