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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trivial Facts About Love Out Of Lust Series Parts 1 - 5

Love Out Of Lust – Part Five is releasing tomorrow, and I’m very excited about it, but before the release day comes through, I thought about sharing some interesting trivial facts about it; some things you probably didn’t know about when I wrote the series.

1. Love Out Of Lust – Part One was first written in the mid-Spring of 2013. It was first edited by Stacy A, a friend of mine, locally, who was a fan of my work and offered to help edit the story. A second edition was released in July 2013, after the story was re-edited by Elicia Stoll, who had done a previous edit to one of my books for publishing company.

2. When I originally wrote the story, I didn’t know where to go with the story. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the story to be a series of adventures or drama, but I somehow felt compelled to write a very good, erotic drama for people to identify with. I didn’t decide to get the momentum going until the release of Part Three in December 2013.

3. Daryl and Marisol were characters inspired by my very first erotic story in 2010, an unpublished threesome story (ffm). At first, I thought about making a story like that, but once the story gained momentum in Part Three, I decided to keep it an m/f erotic contemporary.

4. Jose, one of the villains in the story, was inspired by some of the men I’ve known that used to treat their girlfriends like shit. I wanted to paint a villain that needed to have his ass kicked, and in part five, there will be justice.

5. When I wrote Part Four, I wanted to make it a very erotic story. Part Four was going to be released on Valentine’s Day weekend in 2014, but because of my day job in management, it became difficult to keep up with and therefore had to be re-scheduled for a release in late May 2014.

6. I wanted to work on Part Five and Part Six for 2014, but because of my managerial position, I had a difficult time keeping up with my writing, and Love Out Of Lust didn’t move forward until April 2015, where it was completed by May 2015.

7. While awaiting for edits for Part Five, the release date was supposed to be June 22nd, 2015, but the delays were due to my editor’s personal situation, and being the release of Love Type Situation in August 2014, we had to push the release date for Part Five in September.

8. Many had argued about why Love Out Of Lust was broken up into pieces, which I know it’s unusually strange; I keep them wanting more. But in 2014, I had only published 2 books that time, and there were number of things that left me uncertain of the direction to the story, and also my day job in 2014.

9. The whole purpose of the story is to keep the reader interested in the drama the unfolds between two lovers, inspired by some relationships, including my own, but I didn’t want to reflect my relationship with the story, but give certain experiences. I wanted a story that didn’t have too many fluffs and fillers. And to be honest, it’s one of the most fun, yet difficult stories I enjoyed writing.

Stay tuned for Part Six….

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