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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 09/24/2015: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

I almost forgot about posting this segment of Thursday Tasters,

I've been very busy working on my next project.

Anyways, Love Out Of Lust - Part Five released on Monday, Sept 21st, and I'm happy
to premiere a snippet for you all this Thursday, in 259 words.

This scene I show you is the final conflict scene between Jose and Daryl, along with the help of Alonzo.

Daryl hung out with Alonzo and Beto while they waited for Jose to come in and take the bait. He had already called Terrell and let him know where Jose was going to be. At the same time, they watched Cuco’s every move to make sure he didn’t get wise and warn Jose. Daryl made every effort to act natural while playing pool with Alonzo. He was a little nervous, worried their plan would fail. Jose walked into the bar, and Daryl tried his best not to be too obvious.
Beto came up by Alonzo and nodded. “Yo, here he comes.”
Daryl grabbed the pool stick and chalk. He began twisting the chalk as he watched Jose coming over to Cuco. He watched Jose give Cuco a pound, while Cuco pointed to Daryl. The second they made eye contact, Daryl tensed up. He could see the fiery look in his eyes, and his face was badly bruised. Not only had Daryl messed him up, but Alonzo did a number on him too.
Stay calm … stay calm. Daryl could feel his nerves jangling. Jose was walking up to him. Cuco remained seated. Daryl noticed Officer Willis entering the bar with another officer. They rushed through the crowd before Jose could take another step closer. Daryl was ready – ready for whatever was about to happen.
 Jose approached, messing with something in his pocket. Daryl could only guess what it might be.
“Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.”

Alonzo came over and smirked at Jose. “You can say that again, dumbass.”

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