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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 09/03/2015: Love Type Situation

It's been a very busy time for me, working on my novel project.

Anyways, let me get into the Thursday Taster from my book Love Type Situation.

I have an intense scene that will get you intrigued. 

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“Take off your pants. I want you. Now. On the couch,” she demanded between  kisses. She was ready to fuck.
Andrew happily obliged. Sadie was in control. She got off of him and stood to slide off her thong. When it dropped to the floor, she noticed Andrew undoing his pants and boxers, pulling them down. He was both hard and ready for her. His size was impressive. She couldn’t wait. She got back on the couch and straddled him. Sadie palmed his throbbing shaft, rubbing the tip of him against her slit.
His cock felt warm and rigid. Unable to wait any longer, she guided him inside her, moaning as she lowered herself onto him. Sadie loved the way he fit inside of her and began rocking her hips, pleasuring them both.
They both let out gasps of pleasure. Andrew raised the hem of her dress and caressed the smoothness of her tummy. Sadie couldn’t help curling her fingers into his shirt as she let out soft, feminine sounds of pleasure. She moved up and down while supporting herself on the back of the couch. Sadie felt so good, grinding on him and taking his hardness in farther. She felt a wave of pleasure coming. When she climaxed, her body tensed, and she threw her head back, loving the way he made her feel. As her breathing slowed, she kissed him ravenously. She couldn’t recall the last time she’d had an orgasm from sex. Andrew’s didn’t slow down. His hands were on her ass, filling her  with his thrusts.
As her orgasm calmed, Sadie raised herself up and studied the expression on Andrew’s face. He was in pure rapture. Sadie had him in a spell of lust. Each time she gyrated her hips, she could hear Andrew’s soft, guttural sounds of pleasure intensifying. She could tell he was coming  close. She increased her speed, determined to make him cum. When he climaxed, she felt  his hands grip her thighs as he bucked his hips, shooting a hot load of cum deep inside her. His climax was so intense Sadie could feel him throbbing inside her, intensifying her pleasure again. 

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  1. Very erotic scene. I love this line "she could hear Andrew’s soft, guttural sounds of pleasure intensifying.", especially the guttural sounds

  2. It's good they came to this, Andrew seems a lot better for her than Dustin.